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    Question: Hi, my name is Jaime from Steam Cleaners, we are from Peru, we make works for theaters, actually we have Mytee Speedsters 1003DX, but is a problem for us charging water and dumping out the recovery tank too 5 or 6 times per machine in every job. too much time wasted. We are looking for a machine who has auto fill and auto dump, i was watching at the Goliath, and was wondering if one machine could make the work with 2 operators, i think that the vacuums are good enough to make the job, but if i use this for use 2 solution lines with the 500 psi pumptec, does it work? we donít use more than 150 psi for carpets, because too much water is more drying time, and in theaters that is critical.
    I guess you can help me with this.
    Thank you very much for your help.

    Answer: The Goliath Quad 2 stage units can dual wand with upholstery cleaning tools, while the Quad 6.6 machine can dual wand with carpet cleaning wands.
    The Goliath Quad 2 stage unit 500 psi water pressure pump can be used to push up to four 01 jet nozzles. This can be a single 4 jet wand, or dual 2 jet wands and 2 upholstery tools. The Goliath Quad 6.6 does not have a water pressure pump installed under the hood as it is designed to be used with other carry in or roll in pressure pumps.

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    Dual wanding with a portable

    Please note the speeder uses a 20 amp / 120 volt vacuum system (same as a 10 amp 240 volt vacuum power), white the goliath has a 30 amp /120 volts (or 15 amp /240 volt vacuum system. This means that the dual wand vacuum of the Goliath will be less performance (per wand) than the current Speedster by 25%, but should allow you to clean 50% faster with two people cleaning at the same time. Dual wanding means you will have to keep the vacuum hose length down to 17 meters per wand with the goliath 500.