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Truck Mount Comparison Chart by performance and dollar spent

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  • Truck Mount Comparison Chart by performance and dollar spent

    Truck Mount Comparison Chart
    Changes in prices and equipment design subject to change without notice.
    Results on this page are only our best guess and to not represent actual testing results.
    Information to be used for entertainment purposes only.
    We have found in the world of pressure washing concrete, water volume (gpm / gallons per minutes) is just as important of as water pressure
    In vacuum systems, performance inches of lift or inches of mercury (HG) is just as important as cubic feet per minute.
    Heating BTU are important when laying on the cleaning trigger for high volume cleaning as in concrete cleaning, tile and grout, and dual wanding.

    Each cc of displacement produces average of 134.26 BTU
    Vacuum Blower produce 89 BTU per cfm
    Engine coolant and Oil to water coolers produce an average 50,000 BTU each
    Name Engine Size Water Pump Performance (GPM X Max Pressure = Cleaning Unit Speed) Vacuum Bower Size (Cfm X Inches of Lift = Vacuum Units) Heating Type and BTU output Average Price Performance Score Value Totals (Cleaning Units + Vacuum Units + BTU = ? Divided by Price = Value per Dollar Spent.
    Sapphire Scientific 2500HS Multi-Surface 35 hp 2500 psi X 5.6 gpm = 14,000 Cleaning Unit Speed Cold Denver Ti406371 com X 14”HG / 190” lift = 70,490 Theoretical Vacuum Units But at Engine 3000 rpm = 263.83 cfm X 14" Hg / 190" Lift = 50,128 Vacuum Units Heat exchanger: engine exhaust 137,200 + and oil 50,000, + 33,019 blower = 220,219 BTU $23,597 (trailer, fresh water tank, reels, tools not included) 284,347 performance / 12.05 performance per dollar spent
    Sapphire Scientific 460SS 35 hp 1500 psi X 5 gpm 7500 Cleaning Unit Speed Cold Denver Ti408 455 CFM X 14” HG / 190” Lift = 86,450 Vacuum Units
    Theoretical Vacuum Units But at 3040 RPM = 397.35 CFM X 14 Hg / 190" Lift = 75,497 Vacuum Units
    Heat exchanger: Engine exhaust 137,200 + Blower 40,495 + Oil 50,000 = 227,695 $23,391 (Trailer, fresh water tank, reels, tools not included) 310,692 performance points divided by $23,391 = 13.28 performance per dollar spent.
    HydraMaster Boxxer XL 31 Hp 1200 psi X 4 Gpm = 4,800 Cleaning Units Speed Cold Tuthill 4007 400 CFM 14” HG / 190” Lift = 76,000 Vacuum Units Heat exchanger: Engine 121,520 BTU + Vacuum 35,600 = 157,120 BTU $21,669 Machine only 237,920 performance points divided by $21,669 = 10.98 in performance per dollar spent.
    MasterBlend El Diablo 300017 Truck Mount 27 Hp 2000 psi @ 4.2 gpm 8,400 Cleaning Unit Speed Cold Roots 45 400 cfm @ 14” HG / 190” Lift = 76,000 Vacuum Units 195,000 BTU Diesel Heater $18,756 (trailer, fresh tank not included) 279,400 Performance Divided $18,756 = 14.90 performance per dollar spent.
    Clean Storm TM35-425 35 Hp 4000 psi X 5 gpm = 20,000 Cleaning Units Speed Cold Denver 4MR 425 CFM @ 14" Hg / 190" Lift = 80,750 350,000 BTU Diesel Heater $19,999 All inclusive with trailer, tanks, reels, hoses, tools 450,750 Performance divided by $19,999 = 22.54 performance per dollar spent.
    Prochem Everest HP408 54 Hp 3000 psi X 5.5 gpm = 16,500 Cleaning Units Speed Cold Ti408 455 cfm X 190" Lift = 86,450 Vacuum Units Engine Exhaust 211,680, Radiator 50,000, Vacuum Blower 40,495 = 302,175 BTU $29,929 (trailer, fresh tank, reels, not included) 405,125 performance points divided by $29,929 = 13.53 per dollar spent.
    Sapphire Scientific 72-370 SS 640cc /20 Hp Kohler 1500 psi X 3.4 Gpm = 5,100 Cleaning Units Speed Cold Ti406 317 cfm X 190" lift = 60,230 Vacuum Units Engine Exhaust 78,400 BTU, Vacuum Blower, 28,213 = 106,613 $19,136 (Trailer, fresh tanks, reels, tools not included) 171,943 performance / 8.99 performance per dollar spent.
    SteamBrite TM33-340 33 Hp 4000 psi X 4.8 gpm = 19,200 Cleaning Units Speed Cold Quad 6.6 Vacuum 340 cfm X 15.8” Hg / 215” Lift = 73,100 Vacuum Units 300,000 BTU Diesel Heater $13,999 Complete - Self Assembly
    $17,199 Assembled
    (all inclusive)
    392,300 performance / 28.02 performance points per dollar spent self assemble OR 22.81 assembled per dollar.
    SteamBrite TM31-340 31 Hp 3000 psi X 5 gpm = 15,000 Cleaning Units Speed Cold Quad 6.6 Vacuum 340 cfm X 15.8” Hg / 215” Lift = 73,100 Vacuum Units 300,000 BTU Diesel Heater $13,200 Complete Self Assembly or
    $16,400 Assembled (all inclusive)
    388,100 performance / 29.40 points per dollar spent - self assemble OR 23.66 assembled. (3 hose reels, hoses, wand, trailer, fresh tank all included!)
    Prochem Peak GTX2 680cc / 26 hp 1200 psi X 3.7 Gpm = 4,440 Cleaning Unit Speed Cold Blower Ti406 @ 3350 RPM (3350 RPM) = 304.3 CFM @ 14 Hg/ 190" Water Lift = 57,817 Vacuum Units Engine Exhaust 98,010 BTU + Blower BTU 27,082.7 = 125,092 BTU $21,150 with 100 ft hose set and wand 187,349 performance / 8.86 performance per dollar spent.
    HydraMaster 318HP 18 Hp Briggs 1500 psi X 3.5 Gpm = 5250 Cleaning Unit Speed Cold Tuthill 3006 Blower 300 cfm @ 14 Hg / 190" Water Lift = 57,000 Vacuum units Engine Exhaust 70,567.2 + Blower Exhaust 26,700 BTU= 97,267 BTU $14,500 159,517 performance / 11.00 performance per dollar spent.
    HydraMaster Boxxer XL 31 Hp Briggs 1200 psi X 4 Gpm = 4800 Cleaning Unit Speed Cold Tuthill 4007 Blower 400 cfm X 14 Hg / 190" Water Lift = 76,000 Vacuum units (Theoretical) /Factory setting on Vac Release 12 Hg /163" or 65,200 Vacuum Units Engine Exhaust 121,520 BTU + Blower 35,600 BTU = 157,120 BTU $20,981 227,120 performance / 10.83 performance per dollar spent.
    Prochem Legend GT 670cc / 25 Hp 1200 psi X 3.5 Gpm = 4200 Cleaning Unit Speed Cold Denver 4MVL 330 CFM X 14 Hg / 190" Water Lift = 62,700 Vacuum Units Engine Exhaust 89,954 BTU + Blower 29,370 BTU = 119,324 BTU $14,500 Machine with 100 ft hose and wand 186,224 performance / 8.23 performance per dollar spent.
    Highest performing system: SteamBrite TM35-425 with a massive 450,750 total performance!
    Best Value per dollar spent: TM28-340 self assemble
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    Mytee Escape Electric / Can be operated on 420cc Generator of Electric Clothes Drier Plug 1000 psi X 2.2 Gpm = 2200 Cleaning Unit Cold 260 CFM X 16.5" HG /230" Water Lift = 59,800 Vacuum Units No heater included but optional $5000 62,000 Performance / 12.4 performance per dollar spent
    Goliath Compete Heat Portable Triple Power Cord Portable
    500 psi X .72 Gpm = 360 Cleaning Units Cold 250 CFM X 12.5 HG / 170" Water Lift = 42,500 Vacuum Units 14,000 BTU Heat Exchanger + 8020 BTU Electric Heater = 22,020 BTU $4440 64,880 Performance / 14.61 performance per dollar spent
    We naturally will a little investigating you can look up any branded truck mount or portable and do your own calculations.
    Some machines or customer might never be used for concrete cleaning, dual operator, tile cleaning, or other high pressure, high flow needs so the water pump cleaning speed might not play a factor, but as more buildings and homes transition to these surface types we feel it is an important factor in the purchase decision.
    Some factories might offer larger surface areas in their heat exchangers, this too could play a factor in performance.
    We have found in side by side performance start time to end temperature delivery time is enormously different between heat exchange systems verses diesel burner systems. Diesel heating systems reach top end temperatures in 60 seconds while heat exchange system can take a full 15+ minutes.
    Heat exchange system cost less to operate as they only burn one fuel for both cleaning and heating.
    Some examples are machine only, others include the hoses and wand, others include even reels, fresh water tanks, and even free trailers so it makes it hard to actually place all packages on the same paying field.
    Elevation plays a factor too which changes the air density and performance of vacuum and heating systems.
    Theoretical vacuum units might differ from actual vacuum units based on engine revolutions per minute and waste tank vacuum release system. As I was reading through the owners manuals of the different machines, I found that some factories state they set the vacuum release as low as 12 Hg / 163" of water lift while others will not post actual RPM so we have now way of knowing actual cubic feet per minute open air flow. We also found different charts that compared the inches of mercury to inches of water lift.
    We also see it is common practice for a factories to post water pump theoretical max specifications instead of how the machine performs based on rpm of the pump/machine in combination with max 'use' pressure of the heat exchanger, pressure regulator, and or safety pop off valve. Please note this is done on purpose, not the trick the consumer, rather to ensure the pump is working with ease. For example how long would a car last that had a top end speed of 140 mph, and all you do is drive it on the race track at 140 mph compared to the same car driving on the highway at 70 mph? Having a 2 to 1 service factor ratio ensure longevity of the design. In the chart above, should we post theoretical performance showing longevity or actual performance? It is possible to have one truck mount to have theoretical performance specifications posted while the next design is actual based on how the owners manual reads. This further complicates the comparison chart.
    If you have a truck mount model you want added to the above chart, please email us, and we will do our best to added and then email you back once complete.

    We have found in portable performance specs many, many factories fudge the truth about their inches of lift, cfm, and heat. We have to tread carefully as sometime posting the truth causes factories to pull our distributorship, or cause customers to wander, "Why are both the specs, and prices less on SteamBrite? They must have a cheaper, lower performing machines being built for them." This was causing customer to purchase off other websites. This is not the case, as our machine are coming off the same assembly lines as everybody else's. We now post whatever the factory states to post where it is the truth or not. Customer that spend time in our forums soon learn how to see through these posted errors as we provide the science of how true inches of lift, max hose length, water temperature performance can truly be calculated. Please email us if you find a mistake so we can post the correct information.
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