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Does the optional Blue Barron exhaust diverter option also include a pump clutch?

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  • Does the optional Blue Barron*exhaust diverter option*also include a pump clutch?

    Question: Does the optional Blue Barron exhaust diverter option also include a pump clutch?

    A Pump Clutch is dangerous because there is no water circulating through the HXs. Explosive Temperatures. A healthy HX always has water running through it.
    Even with a diverter there is always conductive heat that will eventually make the water Temps rise. (Pressure & Steam)
    If the Customer requests this then this is what should be explained to them.
    The wear of Pump is very negligible and I am sure has never been statistically proven for excessive wear vs a Pump having a clutch. How do you measure this because there are too many variables.
    That is what makes Blue Barron a Great Engineer and Builder.
    Water must be provided to the truckmount even when the diverter option is installed and turned on.

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