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Rotovac Bonzer VS the Mytee 8314DW wands

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  • Rotovac Bonzer VS the Mytee 8314DW wands

    Question: Trying to decide between the 8314DW Bentley Pro Push Pull Carpet Wand and the Rotovac Bonzer. The Mytee website shows the Bentley not in stock. Do you have them available? Any comments to aid in the selection between the two?
    I am upgrading from a Steamin Demon and plan to get one of your Goliath units and use my tile & grout pump Sincerely, Dana

    I have 3 units of both models in the building.
    I have a concern about the nozzles being too close to the carpet on the Mytee version.
    This is an untested concern as I have not tried this new Mytee wand yet but have cleaned over 20,000,000 square feet with lots of other tools and know that inside the 2" from the carpet, you have to be willing to turn down the pressure or you can permanently pressure mark or untwist the filaments. This is called fiber plooming and is not correctable damage. There is another concern about the Mytee tool as in wand/ jet / nozzle design it is important that the angle of the spray of water does not impact the adjacent angle of the spray. Where the water collides from the two nozzles make an increase in cleaning ability. This is not a good thing as it can lead to streaking on some carpets. The Mytee uses floodjets while the Bonzer uses VeeJets. Sometimes in cleaning it is more important how even you make a carpet look over how clean you can get it. On the Bonzer you can angle the spray so each jet spray does not hit the spray next to it, thereby eliminating this possible problem.

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