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  • Dryer Vent Cleaning

    I have a floor cleaning business and am researching adding dryer vent cleaning. From what I gather, CFM's appear to be more important than lift. I would just be doing vents in homes, which would probably be 25 feet or less. It would be nice to have a machine that could be used as a backup for floor cleaning as well. The goliath shows 250 CFM's. Do you think that would be enough CFM's to clean dryer vents in homes or is it best to look for a vacuum system made specifically for dryer vents.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Best Drier vent cleaning vacuum system

    The Goliath would work and would be best if you where using to do other things like carpet cleaning services, flood/water extraction services, pressure washer vacuum water and air recovery services, or want to run really long lengths of hose (up to 200 ft)
    If it is only drier vent cleaning, please look at the triple vacuum motor shop vac

    Goliath units

    HEPA Triple vacuum motor

    Standard Filtration Triple vacuum motor unit