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  • Donald
    Global Carpet And Upholstery Care SCAM

    Each time we have shipped a package to:
    Global Carpet And Upholstery Care
    James Jeanbaptiste (internet scammer)
    5068 Boa Cir
    Lake Worth FL 33463
    They have stopped payment on their orders.
    Do not ship to this customer! They will scam you every time.

    This last order was delivered on 7/20/17 and on 7/21/17 they called our office and stated they were missing 2 diamond floor pad from their box.
    The factory stated this 2nd box to resolve this issue was shipped out.
    Then on 9/28/17 customer stopped payment on the order with the credit card stating the order was never delivered, so how was it possible that they called 24 hour later to say it was missing 2 pads if it was never delivered in the first place? I really believe the order was shipped complete and the phone call on 7/21/17 was just to get some free stuff.

    The order placed on 4/12/17, customer stopped payment on this order as well.

    Normally when we get this type of customer they do NOT have a website as naturally they do not want bad publicity and then I noticed that they have an A+ rating with the BBB logo. I figured, how can this be??
    So I checked out the BBB website and searched by they company, the address, the zip code and many other searches and no rating by the BBB. They are using the bbb logo illegally!
    I reach out to the BBB and they confirmed that this company was using their logo without authorization.
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  • Donald
    6 Van Corlandt Park Ave. Apt. S4 Yonkers, NY 10701

    Do not ship any items to 6 Van Corlandt Park Ave. (internet scammer)
    Apt. S4
    Yonkers, NY 10701
    Current credit card scam.
    Customer will stop payment on any deliveries.
    Isaac E Schwartz
    Joseph Green
    130 W. 79th St.
    New York, New York 10024
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  • Donald
    more scammers, let us send them some garbage.

    Major credit card violation!
    "I will like to place orders for some of your products, I will like to know if i can place orders with my credit card and if i can arrange pick up from your store/warehouse by a private freight company."
    Mr. Chris Whiteny <>

    Never let either of these two email purchase anything from you as you surely will not get paid.
    I would love it is some that have a pallet of trash, sand dirt, of some other items they would like to throw away, please allow this scammer place a fake order with you. Once the pick up the trash, they will stop payment but they will be out their own shipping charge to receive your garbage.
    If everybody would start doing this, they might reconsider their scamming.

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  • Donald
    New Level of Scamming not seen before

    Edward Dean Porter (internet scammer)
    Shirley M Porter (internet scammer)
    2853 Township Rd #249
    Toronto OH 43964
    ph 740-544-6513
    ph 740-632-1491
    ph 704-544-5842
    ph 740-632-1690

    Placed order on invoice 54440 on 6/14/17 stating he had a forklift on site to unload his pallet/ skid.
    6/27/17 UPS Freight driver showed up at his home and a forklift was not on site so customer called in and paid the additional $80 for re-delivery fee with liftgate service to his home.
    On 6/29/17 @ 5:32 PM UPS delivered the order with wrap intact on and left pallet in the customer garage and left the delivery site at 5:48 PM.
    Somehow the customer convinced the UPS driver to leave the pallet in the garage and yet refused to sign for the delivery and the UPS driver left the skid anyway.
    Customer called 7/13/17 and stated he was missing item AH71 from this pallet so we while customer was on the phone added item AH48 to ship no charge to the customer.
    Shipped FEDEX ground FedEx Package 1 Tracking #: 108013615333426. Delivered 7/18/17 at front door - no signature.
    On 8/26/17 customer stopped payment on all the transactions on the bases that he convinced the UPS driver to leave the pallet without a signature and stated the UPS driver left the pallet in some other persons garage.
    The UPS GPS confirmed the correct address and the address was clearly posted on the home.

    Do not sell to this customer as he will stop payment on all orders.
    Wire transfer payment only
    This posting will stay up until they have paid us $3475.95 for the stolen equipment + $40 stop payment fee.

    Also negative comments at
    phone numbers are also tied to Deadly Guns LLC
    13270 STATE HWY 152, TORONTO, OH 43964
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  • Donald
    Scammer 347 Forestdale Ave Glendora California 91741 541-231-6800

    The following customer
    Szu Wu (internet scammer)
    347 Forestdale Ave
    541 231 6800
    Glendora CA 91741

    Likes to order on line and then stop payment with the credit card company.
    You must make customer sign for packages at this address!
    Last edited by Donald; October 12th, 2017, 04:07 AM.

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  • Donald
    new address used in scam

    Packages shipped to

    Randall Housley (internet scammer)
    3621 N Main Circle
    Elkhorn NE 68022
    are being used in a credit card scam.

    on 4/26/17 we shipped a Shurflo SRS-600-120 V backpack sprayer to the above address.
    Customer stopped payment right after the package was delivered.

    Phone number used for the order is 248-821-1793

    Credit card owner states this was not an approved ship to address for that credit card.
    Last edited by Donald; October 12th, 2017, 04:09 AM.

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  • Donald
    Duff Brown 42 Woodland Ave. Bronxville, NY 10708

    Duff Brown
    42 Woodland Ave.
    Bronxville, NY 10708

    Likes to ship to Duff Brown
    12 Primrose Ave.
    Mount Vernon, NY 10552 and then stop payment with credit card company.

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  • Donald
    Spruce SpringClean LLC
    Sierra Martin
    13244 Grand Terrace Dr
    Grand Island Florida 32735-9619
    invoice 50634 / order 2018773
    ph 352-775-0030

    Placed a $10799.52 on line order for all brand new electric truck mount, pressure washer, heater, tools, chemicals and after receiving the item, never returning any items stopped payment with their credit card.
    All items shipped in factory sealed and package container and just lied to the credit card company stating we shipped used equipment. Also states that the owners manuals state it is not OK to use the electric equipment in the rain and since THEY PURCHASED AN OPEN TRAILER, instead of enclosed trailer, it is somehow our fault that we did not prevent them purchasing this package.
    Please note if you drove down to the Chevy dealer and purchased a car then drove down to Home Depot and purchased a lawn tractor, then when called your credit card company and stopped payment on the Home Depot lawn tractor purchased because the car would not tow the lawn tractor somehow blaming Home Depot that they did not try to prevent you from purchasing the lawn tractor. OMG, just go and purchase a totally enclosed trailer and cargo van!
    This customer somehow self justifies that it is our fault that they selected an open trailer and is just using any excuse they can think of to try to keep the equipment for free. If you own a Smart Car and then go and purchase a Christmas tree and use this car to transport the Christmas tree home and because the car is not designed to safely transport the tree home, so you loose the tree on the street along the way. Are you OK with allowing the customer to stop payment on the Christmas tree dealer based on the customer's decision on how they transported the tree home? The Christmas tree dealer does not have any responsibility to the choice of transportation used by the customer. SteamBrite did not sell or recommend this open trailer for use in the rain.
    Whether you are a customer or vendor of Spruce SpringClean LLC I would not recommend having any business with this firm.
    Last edited by Donald; February 20th, 2017, 12:29 PM.

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  • Donald
    James Peterson &lt;;

    James Peterson <>
    Already testing the water to see if he can pay with a credit card and then pick up the order and stop payment.

    Being that his address has 391 in it, mean he has already changed his email 391 times on other scams.

    Cargulos Shop Limited. (internet scammer)
    251 George Street,
    Dunedin 9016 Otago
    +64 3-476 7856
    Carlos Rodriguez <>
    Like to pay with a credit card, pick up the shipping with his own delivery company and then stop payment on the transaction.
    Last edited by Donald; October 12th, 2017, 04:11 AM.

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  • Donald
    252 Hillsdale Ave San Jose CA 95136

    ANY package shipping to
    A. Eva or JILLIAN KIRAL or Jason Fielder
    252 Hillsdale Ave
    San Jose CA 95136
    ph 443-891-3774
    is a scam as the receiver will stop payment on his credit card.

    Any package shipping to, scammer will stop payment on credit card:
    AR Express
    Global Technology Trading INC
    (305) 406-2912
    AKA Blue Dot Technologies AKA Asiana Medical LLC

    John James Riskas
    6823 Camille St
    Boynton Beach FL 33437
    (561) 752-2675
    Date of Birth: Dec 20th 1954 (currently 57 years old)
    FL DL # R220470544600
    Height 5'10"
    Out of State Previous AZ DL D03175964

    and likes to ship to:
    3028 NW 72nd Ave ste 10
    Miami FL 33122
    ph 305-748-4780
    Also has a Castano and VARGAS, ALEJANDRO work at the same location

    Also Jennifer Busuego (Cerroni) Riskas 561-752-2675 is married to the above scam artist.
    Participated by failure to return merchandise.
    Height 5'
    Date of Birth July 18, 1958
    FL DL R220422587580
    Former CA DL N8468747
    Age 53

    They both like to place orders on line and then change the ship to address to an un-approved location so they can stop payment on the credit card transaction.
    Last edited by Donald; February 1st, 2017, 02:13 PM.

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  • Donald
    Sup-R-Kleen Bobby Hunt Never paid for product

    Bobby Hunt
    532 lee rd 443
    Phenix City, AL 36870
    (706) 681-1585

    Ordered and we shipped out a $472.83 USD moisture meter and for some reason company refuses to pay for his order.
    Last edited by Donald; December 3rd, 2016, 08:44 AM.

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  • Donald
    EZ Truckmount Scam

    EZ Truckmount Scam
    EZ Truckmounts AKA America's Finest Carpet Cleaning AKA EZ Power Equipment Expert Carpet Care
    Nicholas George Nellos (Nick)
    1604 Missile Road
    ph 940-642-2503
    Wichita Falls TX 76306
    PO Box 934
    Wichita Falls TX 76307
    410 Willow Dr
    Wichita Falls TX 76306
    940-723-4267 Americans finest carpet cleaning
    940-642-2503 main line
    Nick Nellos

    Paid for 70% deposits on a fleet truckmount builds that never showed up or finished. Once each build would would get close to finishing Nick would offer to sell to one of his customers and push our build back to a further date. To add insult to injury we sent 200 ft reels to have converted into electric hose reels and instead of converting them and shipping them back, he sold them to his own customers. Please note, he never paid for the reels. We also sent parts to build the truckmounts including but not limited to Tuthill and Gardner Denver blowers and high pressure water pumps. All the parts where used for his own financial gang as non were returned or used for our completed builds. We have received numerous phone calls from customer that purchased truckmounts from Nick Nellos that have Arimitsu pumps installed on them. These pumps where all provided for free to be used on our truckmount builds but obviously he decided to sell our truckmounts to other customer apposed to providing either our parts returned to us or completing our truckmount builds.
    Amount owed $55,000.00. Monthly payments required or post stays up.
    I do not recommend that you purchase or place a deposit on any machines from this company.
    This will remain on line until the balance is paid in full.
    File bankruptcy case 18-70000-hdh7
    ss 525-51-7849
    Last edited by Donald; January 10th, 2018, 04:04 PM.

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  • Donald
    More scams A&amp;M Alberto Diaz 8285 Danbury Blvd. 106 Naples Florida 34120

    Alberto Diaz
    8285 Danbury Blvd. 106
    Naples Florida 34120
    ph 239-353-0171
    invoice 49783
    Date 10/6/16
    Tracking numbers
    UPS Tracking 1ZR8815X0300205589
    UPS 1zxx17690300239183
    FedEx Package 1 Tracking #: 108013615322567
    FedEx Package 2 Tracking #: 108013615322574
    The very day that the packages showed up, he stopped payment with his credit card company. Stole $1137.71
    Posting will remain on line until bill is paid.

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  • Donald
    Domains being added to emails to confuse sellers

    So look at the fake information below from this scammer:
    Daniel Barone <>
    By placing a .com email he is trying to legitimize his request, but the request is the same

    "Shipping Address:
    283, Henstam Way
    Tonga Village 28172
    Tuvalu Island

    it would be best if you can contact the freight Company which i used previously
    to ship some products from US to my Village Here, their email is:

    I will need you to obtain a quote from them, and get back to me with the Final to cost of the order, including the freight cost via the provided freight company, Once i have these
    details, i will get back to you with my credit card details you can charge and make the necessary shipping arrangements.

    Daniel Barone"

    Note that all three domains are fake except for
    This company is a real company and not a scam company but this scammer is masking his email behind his domain. I am not sure how he is doing this...
    This is the scam. After the product is picked up, these products end up on Ebay ("world's largest portal of stolen merchandise" - Direct quote from San Antonio Police department).

    Listed below is information out of the header of the email:
    X-Envelope-From: <>
    Received: from ( [])
    by with ESMTP id 578570f3.7f33fc60cbb0-in02;
    Tue, 12 Jul 2016 22:36:35 -0000 (UTC)

    Google shows this IP coming out of Germany but I am sure this is fake too.

    Then the scammer sends me a second email with the following headers:
    Received: from (imap-ext [])
    (Authenticated sender:
    by (Postfix) with ESMTPA
    The IP address was found in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is allocated to Co.
    Now is a real company but I am sure they too are being used as a fake front for this scammer...
    Last edited by Donald; July 15th, 2016, 05:07 AM.

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  • Donald
    Like to purchase solar pumps and then not pay for them

    (818) 925-8611
    TN 37013

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