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    On-line scammer:
    Lisa Elam
    129 Amber Lane
    Pineville Missouri 64856
    ph 479-619-9808
    invoice 56456

    Ordered a vacuum cleaner. Did not like the vacuum cleaner so SteamBrite picked up the first model and reshipped an agreed second model.
    Customer signed for package, kept 2nd approved model and stopped payment on credit card 3 months later.
    Called customer on 1/2/18 to find out how we could get the 2nd vacuum cleaner back and she just said, "Already been setted with the credit card company," and hung up the phone so I left a voicemail and email to see if we could get the equipment back.
    Naturally this scamming post will stay up until she returns our equipment or atleast pays for it.
    We recommend that if you are a dealer, do not sell to this person.


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      Credit card scammer: Larry Williams (fake name)
      Food Cart USA (borrowed name from a real company - so the real Food Cart USA company are not scammers)
      Address: 3000 Airway Avenue #B-1a,
      Costa Mesa, CA 92626
      Tel: 657-207-4120 Fax: 657-207-4122

      Just tried to give me stolen credit card information where the bill to information is in Texas after I just told him the bill to ship to have to be the same.


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        Abluted Services
        Shawn Mossoian
        9721 Home Ct
        Fenton MI 48430 Credit card confirmed product was being shipped to the correct address and on 7/2/18 customer called us on the phone and confirmed receipt of this order.
        Stopped payment and kept all equipment for free on 7/21/18. Wire transfer only customer. Cannot be trusted. I called and left message on the phone that if he believes in a higher power he has a zero change of making it in heaven unless he pays for his equipment.


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          Steve Alex {MD}
          Steve&Sons multy supply
          47Z Sandased Drive,
          Belize City, Belize Central America.
          Telephone Number: +16268382709

          asking if it is OK to pay with a credit card, then arrange his own shipping, so he can stop payment.
          Do not allow this company to do this. Wire payment only.


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            Do not sell any products to online scammer:

            Alex Shtern
            3916 Esgarth Way
            Owings Mills Maryland 21117
            Shipping to: Duct Cleaning
            11620 Reisterstown Rd #435
            ph 443-870-0317
            Reisterstown MD 21136
            Ordered a ULV fogger for his air duct cleaning business and right after he signed for the package, he stopped payment. No attempt to return the item just decided to keep it for free.
            Naturally is is not a company that anybody should hire to clean their air ducts! Total crook.


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              They are using information that is close to a real company but this information is all fake to pull a scam:
              Daniela <>
              All-Tex Products Co Ltd.
              Address: 6441 2 St SE, Calgary, AB T2H 1J5, CN
              Phone: 409-745-6446
              Fax: 409-745-6459
              Wire transfer only if you do business with the above company.
              Phone are answered in Texas.


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                Do no accept orders for
                Leach, Terri R C Rodricargo Express Corp
                Skl Express
                Carpa Import & Export

                ph 754-218-8388
                8283 NW 64 St. #3
                Miami FL 33166

                Address is being used as a ship to point to pull credit card scams.
                As soon as the packages are received the card hold will stop payment.
                IP of scammer


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                  Garbi Yoses - internet scammer has been moved to CASH ONLY customer
                  6565 Collins Ave
                  ph 305-322-6293
                  Miami Beach, FL 33141
                  in 65429 / item Cat pump 8136
                  For purchasing Cat pump motor 8136 and then after receiving the item demanding that we ship additional parts for free including but not limited to Cat pump cam bearing and Oring in exchange for not stopping payment on his credit card. Very abusive extortioner customer. As you look more into this customer states he is a real estate rep for FL.
                  and as such is only supposed to having honest business dealings. Filing a complaint with his credit card company against our company stating that we shipped him the wrong product after he admitted he received the correct items caused us to be billed the $40 complain fee. This customer will be sent to collections if he does not pay us for the credit card $40 com****t fee as well as the cat pump he kept for free.
                  We strongly recommend you do not let this person represent you in any real estate deals when he is so willing to perform extortion over a $247.85 transaction.
                  Last edited by Donald; February 7th, 2019, 04:31 PM.