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  • Freddy
    Thank you so much, I googled a name and got this site, now I know someone was trying to scam me (things just didn't ring true) but after reading this I know not to proceed with this guys enquiries.
    Thanks again
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  • bill108
    Online scammers posting a request to purchase


    I am well aware of this technique that is commonly used by foreigners to scam US companies out of their products. You can tell these companies are fake and that their addresses are not real by the format in which they create their email. Look at the example below.

    Order Needed...

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    Steven Rogers
    to classaction

    show details 7:57 PM (54 minutes ago)


    Follow up message
    from Steven Rogers <>
    date Sun, May 10, 2009 at 7:57 PM
    subject Order Needed...

    hide details 7:57 PM (54 minutes ago)


    Follow up message
    This is Steven Rogers, With much respect to your Company i want to order some (Walk in bathtub) from your company,and i will like you to email me back with the types you have in stock with their prices, so that i will let you know the sizes and quantities that i will be ordering for, And also i will like to know the form of payment you accept. Waiting to hear from you soon thanks for your co-operation.

    Best Regards,
    Steven Rogers
    Steven & Son's Equipment Inc,
    1 Arbor lea circle P.O box 7642

    Notice the poor English and the way that they set up their address...a simple search of the company name led me to this site and I am glad to post this message for your review. Hey, why not give them an email and play along with them?

    Regards, BB.

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  • cannh
    1 Arbor Lea Circle Scam

    To add to the list above

    Steven & Sons Equipment, Inc.

    Actually out of Canada, I emailed them and let them know scammers were using their name and maybe their credit cards.

    Ruskin Dr, Altoona, Pennsylvania
    AKA Tim Johnson
    West End Equipment Inc
    2200 4th Ave Canyon, TX 79015
    UPS Pack and print store
    Scott Jacobs
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  • Gripgear
    Our company was contacted by Larry Cotten. He tried to scam and fleece us for $12,000 . including shipping with 5 stolen numbered cards. They over charge for the shipping hoping you will not notice . Our company corrected them on the shipping costs then they lowered it by $50. when it should have been lowered by half. We contacted CITI Bank MC in Long Beach CA.
    Thanks for the heads up on those guys.

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  • Donald
    Test charging by credit card scammers

    When a customer wants you to 'test the waters' with a small intital amount and steadily increase the amount to see what he or she can get. This should be a sign for that it is stolen credit cards. If you have a customer call in a order and want you to charge a small amount first and then increase the amount on the same credit card. This is called "test charging". They might say, "first charge $1000, then $2000, then the balance."

    Shame on you:
    Classic Interiors
    Jerry Mysliski
    10 Saddlecreek
    Fallbrook, CA 92028
    Ordered a 12 volt water transfer pump and installed it in a 120 volt environment and after he burned up his pump, he stopped payment with his credit card company.
    The above company/ person should not be trusted for on line orders paid by credit card. Refused to ship back pump for testing.
    Shame, Shame, Shame
    "Nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God." 1 Corinthians 6:10.
    Greg Bassel
    Konja LTD
    Address: 170 Adelaide Terrace
    City: Perth
    State: Western Australia
    Zipcode: 6004
    Country: Australia
    +61 2 9738 278

    Likes to pay with credit card, arraign his own shipping and then stop payment.
    This is a credit card violation so do not let him do this.
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  • Donald
    Scam pay back

    The next time someone tries to scam you, lie to them and say that the order is confirmed and the payment when through. Then tell them that they have to arraing for their own shipping (usually scamers want to do that any way) Then load up a bunch of boxes with rocks, cinder blocks, trash, dirt, what ever you want to get rid of. This way the trucking company/ ups/ fedex will still bill them for making the trip.
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  • Mastguy
    Still At It in Doylestown, PA

    On Line Scammers:

    Majid hawal <>
    Sikka 35 Frij Al Murar, Diera, Dubai,
    United Arab Emirate.
    ZIP CODE:97100
    EMAIL: majidhawal13
    Tel: +971501525178
    Likes to mail fake checks direct to our bank
    From John Woodle Enterprises Inc
    1836 Shelton Ave, Statesville NC 28677

    richard hunley <>
    Street 33 Boulevard Harry Truman
    City, Port-au-Prince, Ouest HT 6110,
    Country, HAITI
    Postal/Zip Code,HT 6110,

    Don Bounsa
    John Germain
    Managing Director
    Don & Co Ltd
    John & Co Ltd
    5159 Mission St #854
    San Francisco , CA 94112
    August Smith (Owner)
    August And Sons Ltd
    1 arbor lea circle
    Doylestown PA 18901
    Scott Harrison
    Menominee Falls, WI 53051

    "Rick barry"
    Mr. Rick
    baron davis
    Mr Baron

    Fred Osei
    Pan African Express Shipping &
    137 S Colony St
    Meriden, Connecticut 06450
    Likes to purchase home standby generators with stolen credit card information.

    Arnold Bennett(Owner)
    Bennett Housing Works Ltd
    Homebush Bay Drive,
    Rhodes, AU, NSW 2138

    received 5 different MC's from this guy

    Don Martin
    1 Arbor lea Circle

    Phone: 206-350-7136

    Mark Mann <>
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  • Donald
    Another web scammer

    Email scamer/ hacker: The person below steals emails and then sends request for payment for quotes to be redirected to their bank. The idea is to try to convience the customer to change banks for faster response by changing to the new bank information. Scam below:

    "For international wire transfer i advise you to use this account because if you should wire money to our Credit Union it will take up to 7 to 10 business days before we get the money but if you should send it to this BANK OF AMERICA account below we will receive the money in 2 to 3 working days.
    Account Name: Lindsey Drewery
    Home Address: 1201 Whipporwill Rd. Michigan City, MS 38647
    Account Number: 444016738126
    Routing Number: 064000020
    Swift/IBAN code : BOFAUS3N
    Bank Name: BANK OF AMERICA
    Bank Address: 8025 Winchester Rd, Memphis Tn, 38125"
    This is a lie. It only takes 4 hours to receive a wire and on the outside international wires only take up to 2 days.

    Bob Haynes
    Bobson Enterprise

    Yohannes Paul
    743 Gantt Ave. H232
    Sarasota, Florida 34232
    United States ph 727-475-4265
    E-Mail Address:

    208 head st
    san francisco, California 94132
    United States
    ph 415-539-7481

    bob anderson
    aka Maxwell
    Thomas Walker,(Owner)
    Thomas And Son Ltd
    50 Birch Rd
    Doylestown CT 18901
    Jim Millard

    431 New Lots Ave,
    Brooklyn, NY.
    Zip code: 11207,
    Country: United States.
    Phone Number: 206-426-0671
    JIM WILSON,(Owner)
    10 Birch Rd
    Doylestown PA 18901.*a

    Paul Knapp
    Managing Director
    Paul & Co Ltd
    5159 Mission St #854
    San Francisco , CA 94112
    Bruce McElroy (Owner)
    90 River Street Montpelier
    Vermont 05602

    Wisdom Wilberforce
    Bishop Jerry Jackson.
    Larry Bird(Owner)
    Jason Hackey.
    6471 Osprey Ct.
    Dale City, VA 22193

    Shipping Company Name: Merchant Freight Company
    Contact Name: Capt.McCoy
    Contact Email Address:
    James And Sons Co
    Avestagatan 33 S-163 53
    Spanga Sweden
    ph 805-413-6295
    Mr Jeffery Williams
    From Africa
    Jan Barick
    August Smith (Owner)
    Willson Jackie(Owner).
    Chris Gardner S.O.S Home
    Matslingan 17 Arninge
    72223 Sweden
    Miss Mariam Ahmed.
    Mr. Thomas Terry

    Ray Martin
    Ray & son Co
    5159 Mission St #854
    San Francisco , CA 94112
    Stay Bless .
    James Wilson(Owner)
    1 arbor lea circle
    Doylestown PA 18901
    Jan Barick (Owner)
    90 River Street Montpelier
    Vermont 05602
    Freeman & Wagner Equipment Inc,
    Ben Freeman
    1 Arbor lea circle

    Mr.Dumi Mabathi
    Phone: 0027782273231
    Fax : 0027865600333

    Scam Buyer's name: Alex Alex
    File Name: Aluf Nehemia Tamari AKA Andreev
    Buyer's email:
    Phone orders. 052-7216061 03-6779811
    Telefax: 6779811-03 Mobile: 7216061-052
    Gen. Nehemia Tamari 17/7, Ramat Gan
    Loves to order items on line and stops payment on items after receipt.
    Except wire transfer only from these customers!

    paul Simons
    750 W Broadway
    Jackson, WY 83002
    Ph.: 307-200-0050 ext 159

    Freight Company's Name: Global World Fast Shipping Cargo
    Contact Name: Michael Pence (Manager)
    Jeff Harkey
    Gary Hartwell(Owner)
    Abraham Lugio
    Mr Jeff Hard(Owner)
    Mr Thomas
    Thomas Co Ltd
    #20 Corp Street
    +61 249 510 709

    810, Skygarden, 90 Castlereagh Street,
    Sydney, NSW 2000
    TEL:+61 243 607 320
    FAX: +61 243 636 801
    Robert Gibson

    NAME: Alhaji S A Oshuboye
    Tel: +2348072712569
    Scott Harrison

    Jason Wijaya
    PH 806-486-1412
    Add: 2023 58th Ave. Circle East, Ste T4015
    Bradenton, FL 34203

    By: DPWservices
    Junior Member Join Date: Feb 2009
    Location: Louisville KY
    Posts: 1

    OnLine Scammers


    Just wanted to let everyone know:

    I found this website through a Google search. I was searching a shipping address I was given by a man who had placed a $10,000.00 order with our company. After receiving 9 credit card numbers (all declined), and contacting our credit card machine company it was evident that these cards were stolen. I actually found this mans shipping address on another thread here. So I thought I would update the information he had given me...

    Larry Cotten
    1 Arbor Lea Circle
    Doylestown PA 18901

    Mr. Miller calls from his cell phone saying he is with Google Maps.
    This is a lie. He is a marketing company that is trying to sell owners help with Google maps.
    He should say this.

    Please visit
    This web site has been posting web scammer information too!

    Mr.Alex Anders <> likes to purchase with a credit card, arrange his own shipping and then stop payment.
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