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Upgrade my home hose reel to a professional hose reel

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  • Upgrade my home hose reel to a professional hose reel

    Do you have a 3/8, 1/2, 5/8" hose with garden hose fittings that I could use to draw city water to a pressure washer. The minimum draw would have to be 4GPM. I'm looking to install this on a reel on my auto detailing trailer. I presently am using a four wheeled cart to haul around the garden hose and it is not very professional looking as well as being a ****.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Mobile Joe

    Yes, I am sure we either have or can get the parts you need.
    I am not sure exactly what you want.
    I assume you want a 3/8" reel to use as a garden hose.
    Reel can be used to collect cold or hot water from the customers home.

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    Thnk you

    That's exactly what I'm looking for, HOLY MOLY if you new the hoops I had to jump through to find this.
    This model says it will supply 3.5 GPM I was wondering if the 1/2" model would supply 4 GPM which is ideally suited to my pump.


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      1/2" garden hose reel

      Please note that 1/2" ID hose provide 100% more flow and would be 7 gpm but the reel needs to twice as large and everything would cost at least twice a much.