Question: I'm looking to make my portable carpet extractor into a side by side.
Vacuums on the left and recovery tanks on the right.
I am wondering if Part Number: 156893
Can handle as a recovery tank for two 6.6 lamb motors in series or parallel.
I think it will be 288cfm & 140" lift.
The reason why is I do not want to buy a van. I'd rather have everything fit under my tonno cover and fit In the bed of my truck.

Answer: No, this tank cannot handle vacuum. It will suck in like a crushed soda can.
You might look into using a 30 gallon plastic drum and then fabricate 3 bands of metal on the inside.
I did this before and it worked OK. Even with the 3 bands of metal the sides with still suck in above and below each metal band.
You also might consider a smaller tank with auto dump and transfer the water in the small tank to this larger tank.
Example, you can use a 20 or 30 gallon aluminum soup pot as the vacuum tank.