Ecozone-Technologies Super Active O O-zone generator VS International Ozone TZ8

Both units produce a massive 12,000 mg of ozone.
You will notice that the Super Active O unit has safety equipment on this unit that cleans the air to improve the speed in which it is safe to enter the space again.
The Super ActiveO include both light and sounds to allow the operator to both vacate and re-enter the building safely.
Fully automatic activation and deactivation cycles.
This machine offer exact pinpointing of the day and time of re-entry as you set it and the ozone machine allow for re-entry at that day and time.
ActiveO is ductable to transfer the ozone away from the machine.
Weight 72 lbs. (rolled in)

The TZ8 can be placed on an optional seven day appliance timer so you can pick the day and times to turn on and off.
Example Intermatic TN311 timer.
Please allow 24 hours before you re-enter the space.
These appliance timers cost between $15 to $25.00
The TZ8 also cost 25% less for the same amount of ozone production.
The TZ8 is not ductable and needs to be placed in the room that requires the ozone.
Weight 34 lbs. (carry in)

The Super Active O is made in Israel so repair parts take a while to receive.
The TZ8 is manufactured in the USA and all repair parts are in stock.

International Ozone TZ8

4" ozone ducting

EcoZone ActivO Unit