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Hypro pump burned up again after one month

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  • Hypro pump burned up again after one month

    Question: i ordered a hypro pump about a month ago and pump is not working i purged primed did everything according to instructions and is not working i have not opened it because im afraid it will void warranty is there anything i could do at home or should i return it

    Answer: Sorry to hear you pump is not working.
    Please provide your invoice number and model number of pump.
    Please note that whatever caused you to burn up the pump a month ago, is more than likely what caused the new pump to burn up again.
    The first and easiest thing to do is to remove the top brass valve caps and look at the valves with a flashlight.
    I expect you allowed them to melt which is caused by letting the water get too hot.
    You would should make sure you have a thermal temperature release installed on the return off the unloader/pressure regulator.
    Another cause is by over starving the pump by a watts regulator.
    The watts regulator starves the pump from water so it makes your chemical injection system work.
    You need to learn to keep the water in motion through the pump so new cold water is entering the pump all the time.
    The most common way to do this is to install a small filtered jet on a ball valve or needle valve to spray water through the system full time or even have the machine drip water to the street full time.
    This 'water in motion' system can travel to a water box, vacuum waste tank, or even just drip to the street.
    Please note that the factory 5 year warranty is against factory defects and not against you burning the pump up. In my 35 years of working here have never seen the factory cover a warranty as the warranty does not cover rebuild kits.
    The warranty is for machining tolerances only.
    The most commonly needed repair is your pump needs new valves.

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