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Goliath Quad 6.6 leaking and low cfm

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  • Goliath Quad 6.6 leaking and low cfm

    Question: Hi John, I am having an issue with the Goliath. It lacks of power that is the first issue. The second issue is, it leaks from the waist tank to the compartment and I have detected the leak. I have attached a picture. The leak is coming from between where the wire that is going through that hole from the compartment to the sump pump, it does not leak from its sides, it is leaking from the hole where the wire is poke inside. Do you think because of air loss may be that is the reason I don't have enough power, I have done a cfm test and I am losing about 110 cfm. What kind of part do I need to replace that faulty thing. It leaked from the beginning but it got worst and can't use it now. If it is possible I want to claim.

    Answer: Sorry to hear your machine needs some service. The machine does include a one year parts warranty (excludes shipping and labor). For Low CFM: You first need to figure out what vacuum motor pair is the problem. Open the waste tank and remove each waste tank filter ball and cage and turn on each vacuum motor one at a time and test with your hand against each insides waste tank elbow to see what pair of vacuum motors is the problem. Please note that one of the vacuum motors gasket has moved under one of the vacuum motors and you just need to lift up the vacuum motor and re-glue it back in place. If the vacuum motor gasket is too damaged to re-use, we can ship you another at N/C excluding shipping cost.
    I know that the factory originally was using 1/2" thick gaskets and the vacuum is so strong on this unit it will want to pull this in, so we have requested that only 1/4" thick gaskets are glued into place from now on.
    2nd issue for the auto dump pump power cord strain relief system. This just has to be taken apart cleaned, dried, and reglued. You can use either Plumbers Goop or Dap 100% silicone. Do not use GE branded Silicone as it will fail. Glue around the cord, tighten, and allow at least 24 hours before testing.

    Links: Goliath Quad 6.6
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