Question: Which do you recommend:
Mytee with 2-2 stage motors and a booster or recoil xps with no booster
I think I can run more hose with the recoil

Answer: The last recoil we ordered came with a 1.5" vacuum port. This is going to reduce the performance of the recoil system.
If they had the same size port this is the comparison
Mytee 2 +2 with vacuum booster 300 cfm X 100" (30,000 vacuum units) of lift lift from 7 stages of vacuum trough a 2" port
Recoil 3 + 3 + 2 stage vacuum booster 300 cfm X 100" inches of lift from 8 stages of vacuum through a 1.5" port.
The 2" port and using 2" hose is such a huge improvement that I think the Mytee with the vacuum booster would win on faster dry times.
If the recoil can be ordered with a 2" port and you use 2" hose, the recoil would be best if they both have boosters. 8 stages of vacuum will always outperform 7 stages of vacuum.
If you order a recoil with no booster, the mytee with a booster (7 stages) is going to out perform the the recoil with a 6 stage system with 200 cfm X 125" lift system (25,000 vacuum units)