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Thread: Velocity Tech Electric Hurricane ETM Hybrid truckmount carpet cleaning machine

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    Default Velocity Tech Electric Hurricane ETM Hybrid truckmount carpet cleaning machine

    Question: filter looks real nice on the Velocity Technologies Electric Hurricane ETM Hybrid, and will outlast the next ice age but correct me if i'm wrong.........seems smaller particulate will pass onthru?
    small pebbles, grit, sand, etc......???

    Answer: Small particles will pass through. The size of the particles that pass through will not effect the auto dump. The auto dump pump is rated for particles up to 1/8" in size and this is the size of the holes in the screen. If we selected a small or closer together screen material it might start to restrict air flow an dry times. As with all auto dump machines it is super important to clean both the screen and wash down the inside of the waste tank after every job.

    Question: How hot does the Velocity Technologies CATEGORY-5 HURRICANE/HTMs get?

    Answer: Please note to answer this question first depends on how you are using your truck mount.
    You might be just using electricity or maybe the on board power plant generator. You might be carpet cleaning with short periods of dry strokes or you might have non stop water flow with a tile cleaning wand.
    There are two air to liquid heat exchangers on this machine. One that uses exhaust from the gasoline generator and one that feed off the exhaust of the vacuum motors.
    A. 1st we will talk about the vacuum motor heaters. This heat exchanger is located before the pressure pump.
    The four vacuum motors feed their exhaust into a vacuum motor heat exchanger. Electric vacuum motors can produce air heat up to 180 degree F. This hot air is poured over copper tubing in between aluminum fins. The heated water it taken to the pump but the pump has a 140 degree safety sensor on it that protects the pump head from water that might be too hot for the pump. If the incoming water is too hot, this water dumps to the waste tank to make the water flow through the vacuum motor heat exchangers faster and pick up less energy. We recommend that you feed the vacuum motor heat exchangers with hot water. This is accomplished in one of two ways.
    1. You hook your machine to the customers hot water supply at the job site.
    2. You use the hot water from the optional on board fresh water tank on your van. This fresh tank can either be filled with hot water from your home of office water heater or you can use the bucket heater and pre-heat the water over night using a 1000 watt bucket heater. As you drive to the job the 180 degree antifreeze from the van runs through copper coils located in the fresh tank to maintain the water temperature throughout the day.
    Remember the idea of this entire system is to use as much free energy or electricity without burning any fossil fuels to heat the water and clean green. We have already had customers tell us that all electric heat and heat transfer saves them $20 a day on burning fuels ($4000+ a year)
    B. Now we will discuss the on board generator heat exchanger. This heater is a tube is shell heater and is located after the pressure pump and just before the water exits out the machine.
    The 1200 degree engine exhaust passes through the center of this stainless heater. The larger outer tube holds the water. This heater has a sensor located in the water bath that allows the operator to set the water temperature that they want to clean at. For example if you set the temperature at 235 degrees F any water that is hotter than this is sprayed into the vacuum recovery tank. The amount of temperature rise is based on the flow rate of the water through the system, and the temperature you are starting out with. For example if you are performing tile and grout cleaning that uses non stop water flow, and you hook the machine to cold tap water, the machine might not maintain 235 degrees. But if you use the customers hot water, you take your own hot water, or if you are just carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning, you can have what ever temperature you feel comfortable with. You can turn the dial up past 250 degrees but I would not recommend it. It will shorten the life of your pressure hose as well as the flow control valves. If you are using the generator to just vacuum or extract water (no water use), you are still required to used water through this heater or it will get too hot and destroy the water temperature sensor.
    Summary. When using the generator you can just hook to the customers cold garden hose for carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning and you will find that the machine has not problem providing any level of heat you need. If you are tile cleaning with high water flows, you can opt for hooking to yours customers hot water supply. If you are on all electric mode, again pre-feed your machine with hot water from the customers jobs site or your on-board fresh tank and you will be able to clean at 140 degrees.
    If you do not want to use on board hot water or the customers hot water and want super hot water to clean with, you can use one of our propane heaters or diesel heaters to super heat water. You could even convert the generator to propane and use a propane heater. Lots of options. I did my 20 year tour on a service truck and if I was on a truck today, I would always hook to the customers hot water and when the carpet was so dirty I could not see the color, I would use the generator with its post heater and smoke them floors!

    Question: Can the Hurricane Hybrid Truckmount be suction fed with a fresh water tank next to the machine?

    Answer: No, you must use a water transfer pump for this operation. Please note the pump has a lot of copper tubing and hoses before the pump. We recommend an electric transfer pump with an accumulator tank on it in 115 volts. The generator has an extra outlet on board for the water transfer pump.

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