Question I was wondering if I could use a dust collection machine as a vac for doing dryer vent cleaning, with over 600 cfm ? I think it would work great . If I just down size to a 2'' vac hose, I am only do the vents from outside,and was planning on buying the heat seal DV-1 30, and the DV-2 30 from you guys. running the dust collector of a Genni in my van. Do you think it will work ?

Answer: Dust collectors do not like having their vacuum hose made smaller. In other words, the dust collector will have pour vacuum with 2" hose. I already tried what you are asking about. Dust collectors do not make good air duct cleaning or dryer vent cleaning machines. The vacuum does not fight back very well. You would get better results with a shop vac. Please check out

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