Question: I think my hoses are 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 the same size as a pool vacuum hose
Will these fit on your HydroForce Hydrofilter AC10 Truckmount Hose Mount Carpet Cleaning Lint Filter [AC10]

Answer: I do not know of any swimming pool hose that is 1-1/4" ID. All swimming pool hose is 1-1/2" ID. Please note that swimming pool hose is only single lined and can only be used for swimming pool application. Carpet cleaning vacuum hose can be single or double lined depending how long you want it to last.
We now only stock double lined hose as when we stocked singled layered hose, we were getting lots of complaints from customers. You can use an AC10 hose mount lint filter with either 2" ID or 1-1/2" ID hose. To use with 1.5" ID hose you have to install AH46 expanded hose cuff on the vacuum hose.

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