Question: When should I purchase a 12" diameter tile cleaning spinner tool and when should I purchase a 15" tile cleaning spinner tool? Example SX12 VS SX15 OR TH40 VS TH15

Answer: The 12" diameter tools are for systems that use 1-1/2" Diameter vacuum hose and smaller water pumps under 1400 psi. The 15" diameter tools are for systems that use 2" diameter vacuum hose and offer 1500+ psi cleaning.
This higher pressure is important because if you compare both tools at 1200 psi, you will find that the larger tool takes longer to have the spay bar make one revolution. The circumference of a 15" tool is 36% larger than the 12" tool so at first glance you think, "Oh I will purchase the larger tool so I can clean each job faster." This is only true if you increase the water pressure by 36% more tool. So we have both tools and both are using the same 15 degree wide 02 orifice at an 11 degree angle 1" from the tile service. If all is equal, then the jet/bar is moving forward over the tile at the same miles per hour, but now that the 15" tool has 36% more inches to go around one time, it takes 36% longer to make that one revolution. This means that though the head is 36% larger I have to move the tool, when using the same low pressure, 36% slower with no net benefit to speed to cleaning the floor. The only way I can move the tool at the same rate over the floor is to have the spray bar spin faster. This means you have to turn the water pressure higher. Once you run a 15" tool at 1500 psi VS the 12" tool at 1200 psi, you will notice you can clean the floors 36% faster. This is huge! Usually to offer this level of cleaning you would have to use any branded truckmount, or if you are using a portable, you would have to consider the Goliath 1500. This is the only electric system strong enough to operate 15" wide spinner tools.





Goliath 1500