Questions: As we talked a little about on the phone, I am looking to purchase another electric carpet extractor for another van. I have a few questions about the units I am looking at.
What I am looking for: carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, want to be able to use from the van at reasonable hose runs.
I was wondering if the new Jag. 8.4 would have a noticeable suction and air flow difference (real world with hoses on not number wise) (using a rx20) compared to the 6.6 unit. (the price difference is not an issue). My concern is if the new motors 8.4 are less reliable?
Amp draw from the customers house: do they use significantly more than the 6.6? amp draw vs power output? (real world usage if it is worth it.) (I would like the most significant power I could get with the 2 cords to run the rx20) 100- 150 max ft.(if needed).
I am happy with the vac. amount from my current 3stage (not the 6.6 size the ones below this) X2 machine at 50ft and am trying to get a real world comparison at 100-150ft with either one of the machines in question if the suction would be the same, less or more than what I am getting now at the longer hose run?
I have a few more simple questions we can talk about on the phone but these are important to me to start.
I have been cleaning carpets now for 10+ years and am familiar and happy with the results I am getting now but want to work a little more from the van with longer hose runs if needed; but have no way to compare it in real world use (the numbers don't mean much to me at the machine, the end of the hose run is what I'm trying to figure out, to make a better buying decision without physically checking out the machine in person.


Answer: The Cross American Jaguar 6.6 is a 26 amp vacuum system and the Jaguar 8.4 is a 27 amp vacuum system. Amp draw is king when it comes to performance at the end of the vacuum hose. Neither are designed to operate a 17" wide RX20 rotary power wand. They can operate a 15" rotary power wands (example Rotovac XL, Mytee Trex, and Hoss700) We recommend a 25 amp vacuum and larger for 14 and 15 inch wands. Please read post at
In the 25 - 27 amp category with auto fill and dump, you can also add to you list:
Nautilus Extreme

Clean Storm 12-6500

Mytee LTD5

30 amp vacuum
Goliath Quad 2 stage systems

40 amp vacuum
Mytee Escape

50 amp vacuum
Goliath Quad 6.6