Water molecule vibration
It is through water molecule vibration that water can convert from a solid (ice) to liquid (water) to steam or vapor. For every 18 degrees F over 118 degree F the water molecule vibration doubles. When you cool the water down, the molecules line up and they turn into ice. When heated past 212 degrees F. the are jumping around so fast that they become air born steam. Cleaning at 118 degrees would be like cleaning with normal hot tap water.
So someone cleaning at 136 degree F is can clean 100% faster or use half as much chemical, or half as much dwell time, or half as much agitation that someone cleaning at 118 degrees F. to achieve the same results.
154 degrees F provide 100% more water molecule vibration than 136 degrees F or 4 times better cleaning than 118 degrees.
172 degrees is 100% faster vibration than 154 but 8 time faster than 118 degrees.
190 degrees is 100% faster than 172 and 16 times faster than 118 degrees.
208 degrees is 100% faster than 190 degree and 32 times more aggressive than 118 degrees.
226 degree is 100% faster than 208 or 64 times more aggressive than 118 degrees.
244 degree is 100% faster than 226 and 128 times more aggressive than 118 degrees.
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and example of a 250 degree system is