Please note that they have removed the dual 2 stage vacuum motors and have installed a single 6.6 vac motor in their small body series.
The larger Warrior body style currently still has the dual 2 stage and dual 3 stage system in use.

Ninja now installs the 200 psi is an Aquatec water pump on the 200 series

The Ninja 1200MS use a General Pump.
The 1000 psi tile pump is a general pump (same as the Goliath Go-1500 and Mytee LTD12) but is coupled with a 56C frame 1hp motor instead of the Goliath 2HP motor
This the same way the the Mytee LTD12 water pump is set up. (also using a 1 hp 56C Frame motor)

With the General pump and 1 hp motor draws 8.8 amps on average @ 120 volts @ 1000 psi.
The Goliath 2hp motor draws 8.6 amps X 2 power cords @ 120 volt @ 1500 psi.

They run the water pump on a dedicated power cord while the Goliath used power from each power cord to run the pump.
The pump motor rpm will keep the flow at 2.1 gpm but the hp dictates the max pressure.
The General pump TT2021EBF can handle 165 degree F water temp.

The industry norm is to install the Pumptec 80011 pump and motor set under the hood of a tile cleaning machine. This model of pump is currently installed under the hood of more tile cleaning machines than any other pump. This is the type of pump used in US Products, Sandia Platics, Clean Storm, and Mytee for many years.
Example Clean Storm 12-5000.
The Pumptec pumps can handle 140 degree F water temperature.

The Ninja 500 still use the Pumptec 205 series heads. Pumptec 81149
or Pumptec 207 series 80639

Masterblend uses a different pump in their tile cleaning machine
They install a Hypro 5322C-H Pump 1000 PSI
This pumps claim to fame is it can handle 185 degree F. water temp.

PS Mytee recently has released that to suction feed this type of 1000 psi General pump system, the "use" pressure is usually 900 psi max.
I do not know what the max pressure is on the Ninja 1200MS as the factory has left this information off their website. I would have to assume 900 psi use pressure.
I also have to assume that the part number 1200MS is to help with customers assume the pump will perform in the 900 to 1200 psi range but we have no way of knowing until we can test one.