i just purchased the vacuum amplifier for my portable , while the amp works.... the construction of it was extremely poor. the actual base of it was constructed of a thin aluminum colander an pop riveted together. motor attachment was with all thread. there were a lot of things wrong with the design in general [ off center bolting which when assembled bent the already thin aluminum colander housing- why not stainless to prevent metal fatigue- gasketing between motor an the screw on machine lid, an just general sloppy work. the housing bent just applying the pressure to put it on even before tightening!!
for 500.00 i expected a little more craftsmanship than what was presented me. upon seeing this i built one just to see the complexity, 2 hours,[ after having all materials at the ready] using stainless steel an all screws an actual gasketing, i was amazed at the end product for 350.00 an still using a amtek vac motor.
***** what happened here with this model??*** i would like to think this is just a fluke !!!
feel free to comment if i am in egregious error here