You can improve your carpet cleaning business by adding on new services. To do so, you will need to purchase certain equipment, such as commercial pressure washing machines, truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment, restoration gear and dehumidifiers. If you were to add vent cleaning to your repertoire of services, you can use a 3 motor, 6 stage HEPA vacuum. Or if you want to offer pressure washing and steam cleaning services, the Slayer is optimal. This is a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine.

Why Consider the Slayer

The Slayer is the very first crossover truck mount pressure washer ever built. It is a 2-in-1 machine that offers two heating options. This allows you to use full and independent temperature controls up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. It utilizes the heat exchanger truck mount or a 350,000 BTU kerosene burner truck mount, or both.

This steam cleaner is top-notch because of its discharge temperature. This makes a major difference in cleaning ability. Not all commercial pressure washing equipment has the same capabilities, making this a one-of-a-kind machine. When you increase its temperature, more of the heated water flashes to steam once it has passed through the nozzle. The vapor expands to nearly 1,500 times the initial volume. This increases velocity and cleaning power. So the higher the water temperature, the higher the acceleration and cleaning capability.

Performing Smaller Jobs

Don't be intimidated if this sounds like a lot. What further makes this machine worthwhile is that it can be used for smaller jobs that only require regular “heat exchanger” temperatures. Simply connect it into the brass quick connects to activate the Stainless Steel exchanger. This is ideal for single wand use and for cleaning upholstery. If you wanted, you could also have dual temperatures. This is the first model to introduce this ability, allowing you to set one wand to a high temperature and the other to a lower temperature.

Enhancing Your Slayer

You can enhance the slayer model for hotter and more powerful cleaning by reconnecting the hoses to the Stainless Steel QD. Then turn on the burner switch and 30 seconds later you have instant hot water ready for use. It will have whatever temperature you set it to be. Also ideal for dual wanding and utilizing more than one tile cleaning tiles and pressure washers. This truck mounted carpet cleaning machine is also suitable for flood work.