As you begin shopping around for equipment for your carpet cleaning business, you'll find an assortment of tools, solutions and gadgets. Some are very handy, while others aren't necessary. The machines you select will be determined by the types of services you want to perform, as well as your budget. For instance, a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine costs a great deal more than a portable carpet cleaning machine or commercial carpet steam cleaners. You have to shop around to determine the best bang for your buck. This means doing a bit of research to learn the benefits of different devices and how to best implement them.

One piece of equipment many carpet cleaning professionals utilize are power wands. You may have heard of this gadget, but if you haven't, it's a device that attaches to the end of your vacuum and then its solution hose plugs into the wall. It is designed to add agitation to the carpet to help clean quicker and better. As it's agitating the carpet, it's also performing extraction.

Types of Power Wands

The great thing about the carpet cleaning industry is that you can find many variations of the same equipment. This allows you to choose items based on your preferences and budget. There are tons of power wand option to select from in today's market.

Let's review some of the top available options.

Hoss 700

This power wand has a 15-inch wide head that distributes up to 700 cleaning passes every minute. It's excellent for performing large jobs quickly. It has a unique helical solution injection pattern, which promotes a streak-free application. It also has thorough soil suspension, tight vacuum seal and special floating heads for deep agitation.

Rotovac Original

This is a 12-inch wide dual head power wand that comes with high torque motors, making carpet cleaning a breeze. The double-head feature enables it to thoroughly clean in all directions. It features hundreds of cleaning passes per minute. It's an upgrade from the traditional wand that requires you to pass over the same area multiple times.


This is another popular power wand, which features powder coated blue for durability and comfort operator grips. It also has a safety lockout. The top has easy-to-read safety labels. The motor is one horsepower and the wheels are 10 inches, and allow you to climb stairs without marking them up.

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