Families with children know all too well about sticky messes on carpets. It's an irritating situation to deal with, resulting to most people contacting a professional. Carpet cleaning experts have the equipment and cleaners needed to get the job done, including portable and truck mounted commercial carpet steam cleaning machines. Gum and candy are the common culprit for these dilemmas, which can become worse over time. It's best to have these cleaned up as soon as possible.

Types of Sticky Messes

There are different types of messes that can cause a sticky problem for property owners. There's gum and candy, as well as an assortment of drinks like Kool-Aid and soda. When these items spill onto carpets, it can seep into the fibers and harden. Allowing it to sit there for an extended period of time to dry and get ground into the fibers will make it more difficult to clean. Not to mention, it'll also cause more dirt and germs to collect in that area.

The trick is to remove the sticky mess without causing harm to your carpeting. Most property owners will attempt to clean the mess themselves, but to no avail. For instance, gum dropping onto a carpet and then being smashed in by your little ones. Initially, the homeowner will attempt to remove it by use a sharp item to remove it. This typically causes damage to the carpet.

Rather than covering up the problem with a piece of furniture, a commercial carpet cleaner can steam clean the area and use other methods to remove the sticky substance.

Tips for Removing Gum from Upholstery and Carpets

If you find yourself on a job where there is gum mashed into carpet fibers, you will find the following tips to be useful. They are quick and easy techniques that work in most scenarios:

• Fill a zip lock bag with a few handfuls of ice. Apply it directly to the
area that has the gum. This will allow the gum to become hardened,
making it a lot easier to remove.
• A scraping tool can then be used to scrape the gum out of the carpet.
• Use a vacuum to remove any remaining gum particles that have come
• Use a sponge and warm soapy water directly on the stain, using
circular motions.
• Afterward, cover the area using a clean rag or towel to soak up any
liquid that remains.

These are the same steps that can be used to remove other types of sticky candy out of a carpet. It's quick and easy and requires little resources to be used. Afterward, you can use your commercial carpet steam cleaners to refresh the entire floor.