There are many different types of carpet cleaning equipment you can purchase on the Web, but which of them are worth your time and money? Everyone eventually comes up with their own arsenal of restoration equipment they prefer over the others, so it's best to get your feet wet to see which you will favor the most. You can find a variety of restoration equipment for sale online. You can also start out by renting equipment to test out different models before committing to a purchase.

What is the Kleenrite Sphere Carpet Cleaning Machine?

One model carpet cleaning equipment that is growing in popularity is the Kleenrite Sphere. The Sphere body style comes with a variety of vacuum configurations, has heat and non-heat capabilities, as well as varying water pump pressures.

Why Purchase the Kleenrite Sphere Machine?

It can be used for carpet cleaning, but if you want quick drying features, then you can simply use a carpet blower/fan during your jobs.

For upholstery cleaning, you can buy a pump with between 150 and 500 psi, then upgrade to an internal spray hand tool. These are designed to clean bi-directionally with no overspray and will dry twice as quickly, compared to open and closed spray hand tools.

What About the CO2 Options?

There are private label chem-dry and hydramaster portables offered through Kleenrite. If you're looking for CO2 injections, you can use oxidizer additives, which can be added to the prespray. Or you can add hydrogen peroxide into the solution. One particular oxidizer enzyme prespray you can purchase is Pounce made by Shazaam. You can also add Shazaam Clear Up to the rinse, which is a hydrogen peroxide. Both are deodorizers, stain removers and counter urine damage and other body fluids.

What About Green Cleaning?

If you're interested in improving your carpet cleaning services by integrating green cleaning options, you can use the Kleenrite machine with eco-friendly solutions. There are a variety of brands that produce environmentally-friendly cleaners.

The Kleenrite carpet cleaner is an ideal option for professionals who are serious about their business. There are an assortment of other carpet cleaning equipment on the market you can pursue as well, such as a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine, dehumidifiers, pressure washers, tile cleaners, and carpet steam cleaners. The more tools you have, the more services you can potentially offer to commercial and residential customers.