What determines the quality of a carpet cleaning service? It's the carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals the professional uses. You can find a variety of restoration equipment and portable carpet cleaning machines for sale on SteamBrite.com. There are many different types of solutions you can purchase for your carpet cleaning equipment as well. Some are designed for spot cleaning, upholstery and certain types of carpet. Not all carpets and rugs are created equal, so it's important to pay close attention to the types of chemicals you place on them.

Many carpet cleaning professionals choose the wrong cleaning chemicals when they first start out. The results are less than what was expected, leaving the customer dissatisfied. This can put a strain on your company's reputation. It's important to put as much emphasis on carpet cleaning solutions as you do carpet cleaning equipment. Selecting the best choices will take some research. However, the following tips can help make your decision easier.

Consider the pH Level

All solutions have a pH level, which will determine its effect on the materials it is placed on. Higher pH levels offer a better clean for carpets sitting in high traffic areas. The same goes for tile. You should have high pH solutions on hand for when you have heavily soiled carpets to clean. However, it's a good idea to also have solutions with low pH levels, in case you are cleaning a carpet that is lightly used.

Buy Products for Stain Treatment

Some carpets have more dirt and grime in certain areas. There's no need to break out the high pH level solutions in these cases. Instead, you can use products that are designed for spot treatment. Most carpet cleaning solutions only lighten and lift stains, but don't do much for removing them. Find a stain treatment that can remove oil, grease and ****t.

Consider the Foaming Action

Foam plays a big role in how carpets are cleaned. Solutions with foaming action can break down dirt and grime easier than non-foaming solutions. You can think of these as deep cleaners. It digs deep into the carpet surface and raises debris and dirt, so that it can be removed by your carpet cleaning equipment.

Don't Forget Odor Control and Protection

Once you have successfully cleaned your customer's carpet, you should apply odor control chemicals to keep the carpet smelling fresh. This is especially important for homes with pets and smokers. Carpet protecting solutions can also be applied to protect against future stains and dirt.