Pressure washing services are still in demand across America. If you're currently offering carpet cleaning services using truck mounted machines, why not purchase pressure washing equipment and expand your business? Winter is almost over, which means pressure washing season is about to be here. Those who already have pressure washers know the importance of properly maintaining it. Aside from dusting it off, there are internal factors to consider. How can you have services for sale when your restoration equipment isn't up to par?

Here are some tips for getting your pressure washing equipment in good working order just in time for busy season.

Your Unused Pressure Washer is Filthy!

Even when your pressure washer isn't in use, it's still collecting dirt and debris. This can be found inside of your machine, which can cause damage, if not removed before you begin operating it. For the sake of saving money on buying new gear, you can simply flush out the gunk. Here's what you need to do:

Allow water to flow through the supply hose. Avoid connecting the hose to your equipment beforehand. Once the water starts to run clean, place the screen filter onto the hose because contaminants may very well be inside of the pipe. You don't want this pouring into your hose.

Then attach your supply hose to your machine, but don't connect the gun just yet. You will need a screen filter to accumulate all the debris that's still inside of the hose. Once the water runs clean, then it's good to go.

Next, attach the gun and wand where they belong, but don't put on the nozzle. Allow water to flow through until it has become nice and clear.

Now, you can turn on your machine and begin using it at high pressure.

There are different types of filters you can use for your pressure washing machine, such as the can style Water Filter Strainer. Following these steps will help ensure that your pressure washer stays in good working order. It's easy to forget about cleaning your cleaning equipment, so make sure to include it on your annual checklist. It's a good idea to clean out your machine any time it's been sitting for a while. Once you've taken care of this, you can begin using your equipment for customers needing spring cleaning!