In your profession as a carpet cleaner, you're going to run into customers who occasionally clean their own floors, using tile cleaning machines and various carpet cleaning solutions and equipment. Some will maintain their carpets well, while others end up messing it up using the wrong portable carpet cleaning machines. Either way, it's good to educate yourself about the common cleaning methods customers are using, so you can point them in the right direction for floor care.

Carpet Manufacturers Frown Upon DIY Cleaning

One thing you want to notify your customers about is the fact most carpet manufacturers don't want non-professionals cleaning their carpets. This is because a lot of carpet owners end up using the wrong procedures and solutions. The reality is, nearly half of homeowners do it anyway. If a customer ruins their carpet on their own, it will more than likely render their warranty void. Having it repaired or replaced will have to be paid for out of their own pocket.

So what methods are customers using? Read on.

Hot Water Extraction

The most popular carpet cleaning equipment for customers to use is hot water extractors. There are a number of units available for sale to the consumer market. They're advertised as being as good as the pros, causing many to fall victim to poor outcomes. The cleaning results are highly variable, due to the methods used and the level of soiling the carpet has.

Dry Powder Cleaning

Dry absorbent compounds are also frequently used during DIY carpet cleaning. This form of cleaning doesn't offer restorative maintenance, and should actually only be used a few times throughout the year. It can help to maintain the appearance of carpets, but can't restore it once the fabric has been degraded. It's important to educate customers who like to employ this technique.

Dry Foam Cleaning

This type of cleaning offers limited results when using carpet cleaning equipment designed for consumers. Better results are achieved with high-grade professional equipment. This is why some people opt to rent carpet cleaning equipment when performing this style of cleaning. It's not recommended for a rotary bonnet and rotary shampoo to be used by consumers because these require expert skills to refrain from damaging the carpets.

At the end of the day, the best advice you can give to your clientele is to vacuum frequently, clean up spills and messes quickly and utilize professional cleaning services as needed.