Cordless backpack vacuums have taken portable carpet cleaning machines to another level. If you've been in the carpet cleaning business for decades, you know the convenience of having equipment that is lightweight and portable, but equally effective. This is hard to come across, so it's a delight to get your hands on them whenever possible.

The restoration equipment you use should always be great quality, which includes vacuums. This is an essential step in any carpet care plan, especially if you're cleaning the floors in a commercial facility. Vacuuming countless rooms in a multi-story building can be very time-consuming, so using a quality backpack vacuum could cut down the time spent vacuuming significantly.

Backpack vacuums are also compact, making them easier to store in your utility van and onsite as you're cleaning. Bringing them up and downstairs is fast and convenient as well. Not to mention, actually using one provides easy maneuverability, since there are no bulky cylinders to drag along with you. It's freedom that isn't otherwise awarded using traditional vacuums.

What to Look for in a Backpack Vacuum

If you're new to the market of backpack vacuums, you'll find there are many to choose from. This is a big investment to make, so you want to ensure you're getting something that will provide you a great return on investment. Some of the factors you want to consider include:

• How heavy the vacuum is. You have to carry this around on your back for hours, so you need to ensure it's not too much of a load to bear. There are some models that come with a strap that ties around your waist to help relieve some of the weight off your back and shoulders.

• How long the power cord is. You don't want to have to keep stopping to move the
plug to reach the areas you're vacuuming. Find one that has a long cord to
prevent this.
• How long the vacuum tube is. If you are tall in stature, this should be of concern
to you. You don't want to have to hunch over to vacuum the floors using a short
tube. This will only lead to back problems down the road and potentially shorten
your career.
• What attachments are included. Different models come with an assortment of
pieces. Check them out before you buy to see if you're getting the attachments
you need.

Portable carpet cleaning machines are and always will be beneficial for carpet cleaning. You can find backpack vacuums, tile cleaning machines and a variety of other equipment available at