Aside from knowing how to clean and maintain floors and properties, you have to understand how to maintain your cleaning equipment. It's your duty as a cleaning professional to have some idea of how to troubleshoot items, such as truck mounted carpet cleaning machines.

If you can fix certain problems yourself, you can save money on having to buy a new one or paying someone else to repair it for you. There are many things that can go wrong with a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine, so it's up to you to identify what could possibly be wrong. The same should be done for your commercial pressure washing equipment and steam cleaners.

Using truck mounted cleaners is an excellent choice because it gives your carpet cleaning business the power needed to perform tougher jobs. It provides higher levels of heat and more vacuum and pressure. But when your equipment starts to act faulty, this can put a damper on your revenue.

Some of the common issues, include loss of heat, loss of pressure or flow, or loss of vacuum. The following will help you understand these problems, so you can potentially fix your device.

When Your Machine Loses Heat

There are various reasons why your truck mounted machine could lose heat. One reason would be that your unit is bypassing too much water. When your unit is overheating, it's likely due to not enough water passing through.

Most systems have a bypass valve, which helps to regulate heating levels. When that valve is open, as much as a gallon of water every minute is being processed. However, when the valve is stuck, this won't work properly. If this isn't the issue, it could be that it's leaking. You need to make sure you give regular maintenance to the stem and seat of the valve to ensure they are still good.

Plugged heat exchangers is another possible culprit – this is sometimes caused by hard water scaling. When the heat exchangers are plugged, it can cause overheating or low heat. When the hard water deposits build up, it can restrict airflow. A water softener or regular scaling can be used to treat this issue.

When Your Machine Loses Pressure and Flow

It's common for carpet cleaning professionals to witness a loss of pressure and water flow with their truck mounted carpet cleaning machines. If you notice a major drop in pressure when the trigger is operated, then it could be that the regulator is sticking. If this is so, you should disassemble, clean and lubricate it.

However, if the pressure gauge shows normal levels, but you notice a lack of pressure at the tool, then there could be an obstruction in the quick connect or the filter screen has been plugged. Try cleaning the filter first and if that doesn't help, try removing the quick connects to see if there is debris inside.

When there's sporadic pump pressure levels, it could be due to debris being stuck in the check valves. Or it could be a loose pump drive belt or damaged check valve. When there's absolutely no pressure and there's no output from the pump, then it could be that the internal spring inside the regulator is broken. You can check this out by removing the fitting on the regulator inlet.

Buying Quality Equipment

The best way to reduce these issues is to buy your equipment from a reputable seller. You can go to to search for truck mounted carpet cleaning machines, commercial dehumidifiers and more quality tools!