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    Question: Hello Sir, you brought up me needing some type of agitation devise, and I have been thinking about this a lot. I'm only doing dryer vents , and im probably gonna get like $40-$60 A job, im trying to stay on a $2000.-2500 budget. ,Considering I might not even like doing this. And no Doubt with the time you have taking to speak with me,I will be buying the equipment from you, So PLEASE give me your thoughts on this idea.
    If I were to get the Clean Storm Air Duct Motobrush Starter Package, and the Air Care: Forward & Reverse Air Whisk System , ( using 2 of my portable compressors and running all of this off my geni ) also a 75' vac hose , ? will this be a decent set up for dryer vent cleaning ??? also I was wondering if you sold something like a clear container I can hook between vac hoses to show customers what im pulling out ?
    How do you feel about this ? or do you have a better idea ,taking into consideration my budget.
    I thank you again for your time,

    Asnwer: We do sell the AC10 hose mount lint filter

    Look at
    as an example of a dryer vent agitator.

    Our best selling generator

    If you are going to bring your vacuum system closer to the job, look at this 6 stage vacuum unit.
    The difference is the non Hepa unit is for out side use only and would recommend adding some internal high filtration bags to it.

    If you need a machine that can handle lots of distance, the 8 stage Goliath works very well with the optional dry bag inserts.