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A few Questions About the Goliath, if you used The Goliath please share your review!

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  • A few Questions About the Goliath, if you used The Goliath please share your review!

    A few questions about the Goliath flood pump extractor.

    1. Is it easy to move it and handle it like a regular extractor, carry in stairs and etc...?

    2. How many cords it have?
    A) is it have regular cords that can be plug anywhere in someone house to a regular electric outlet?
    B) how much power Water Lift and CFM I get if I connect only one cord?
    C) how much power Water Lift and CFM I get if I connect only 2 cords?
    D) how much power Water Lift and CFM I get if I connect only 3 cords)?
    E) how much power Water Lift and CFM I get if I connect only 4 cords? And how much it will increase the water lift and cfm with each additional cord I connect,

    3. Does it come with a universal water hose that can be connect to any water source in a house (bath tap, any tap)?

    4. Can it be inside customer house while it's being used similarly to regular extractor?

    5. Is there a video of a demo using the Goliath?

    6. What other equipment needed to be purchased in addition in order for the Goliath to function as an extractor, as a machine to have PSI and etc...?

    7. What kind of maintenance does the Goliath required?

    Thank you in advance

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    Some specs on Goliath Quad 6.6

    I am sorry but you need to be more specific in your question as the Goliath is made with
    Quad 2 stage vacs
    Quad 6.6 vacuums
    Dual 3 stage vacuums.

    I am going to answer the answer the questions based on the Quad 6.6 unit.

    1) because these machine do not have or need a fresh water tank, and most do not have a fresh water /high pressure pump installed under the hood, you will find that they are on average about 1/3 lighter than other machines. This means they can be lifted in and out of the service truck and up and down stair way easier than other carpet and tile cleaning machine.

    2) This machine comes with four 50 ft 12-3 power cords, but the machine will operate on 1, 2, 3, or all 4 cords or a single electric clothes dryer plug. The more power you provide it the better the cfm and inches of lift.
    Extension Power Cord 12-3 X 50 ft 115 volt AX33 860831 Mytee E530 M1394 860831 D16612050, M1394, Extension Cords, Parts & Accessories, by Century Wire and Cable, Century Wire and Cable 50 ft 12-3 Extension Power Cord 115 volt AX33 3 prong molded en...

    a) Yes, these cords include the NEMA 5-15P and 5-15R ends that you find in every job site in the country.
    b) One cord means one vacuum motor.
    Ametek-Lamb AMETEK LAMB 6.6 VAC MOTOR 115 volts, 122234-18, Vacuum Motors, Parts & Accessories, by Ametek-Lamb,   A COMPLETELY   NEW DESIGN THAT WILL REVOLUTIONIZE CARPET EXTRACTION MACHINES. FEATURES New patent-pending bearing protection...

    one motor is 131.8” of H20 lift & 138.8 CFM
    c) 2 cords, means 2 motors and you can toggle between air series and parallel.
    Series Dual 6.6 Inch Vacuum Ametek Air Series Motors pull 215" Lift X 170 cfm = 36,550 vacuum units
    Parallel: 131.8 inches X 277.6 cfm or 36,587 vacuum units
    d) 3 cords/ 3 motors: 131.8 inches X 308 cfm or 40,594 vacuum units
    e) 4 cords/ 4 motors 340 cfm X 215" lift (15hg) = 73,100 vacuum units

    3. to connect to hot water sources visit
    Clean Storm Complete Auto Fill and Auto Dump Hot Water Connection Kit 20121201, 20121201, Hose Cuffs & Connectors, Parts & Accessories, by Clean Storm,  Complete Hot Water Connection Kit  For use with Clean Storm, Sandia Plastics, and...

    The only source that this kit will not hook to is the bottom of a hot water heater. The bottom hot water connection is for removing the hard water rocks and you do not want these minerals to end up in your pump.

    4. The Goliath Quad 6.6 can be used either inside or outside a home or business. Since you can adjust the amount a vacuum it creates, you just turn on more vacuum motors when you need longer hose runs. The only problem with leaving inside the building is they are loud and you are exhausting the air back into the building that you just sucked out of your cleaning project. I like to place my machine in the bathroom, close the door against the hose, and turn on the exhaust fan. This way I solve the problem with the noise and exhaust at the same time while I still have my hot water and toilet nearby for the auto drain.

    5. The only video, currently is of the smaller brother machine Goliath with Quad 2 stage vacuum motors that operates on 2 power cord.

    6. To turn the Goliath Quad 6.6 into a carpet cleaning machine, you just need water pressure.
    Option 1. Direct connect, high flow extraction. Hook up you solution hose direct to hot water supply (75 psi), change the jets/nozzles to a larger openings on your carpet cleaning wand, rinse the carpet with this high flow and pick up the water with the Goliath.
    Option 2. Carry in or roll in a cold pressure washer. Example the best selling carry in pump is the Water Otter
    PumpTec 80346 Water Otter 1200 psi Basic Starter Package Pressure Washer Pump For Tile Carpet Cleaning AS1200 Shock Wave 20170606 , 20170606, Electric Cold Pressure Washers, Pressure Washers, Equipment Hard Surface Cleaning Supplies, by Pumptec, Turn a...

    Simply remove the bathroom or kitchen aerator and hook up the pump to building pressure hot water. Adjust the knob to 450 psi of upholstery, 500 psi for carpet, or 1200 psi for tile cleaning. Adjust the nozzles sizes on your cleaning tools and suck up the water with the Goliath.
    Option 3. Add a hot water pressure washer to your system.

    The nice thing about this, as you open up a world of possibilities of all types of outdoor work. Cleaning concrete, curbs, houses, fences, decks, eaves, overhangs, roofs, sewer jetting, wheelie bin cleaning, car engine cleaning, and much more.

    7. Not much. Blow out the motor cavity once a month with your air compressor or leaf blower. Rinse out the dirty water vacuum tank at the end of the day. Clean your hose mount and vacuum tank lint screens after each job. And with all portables and or truckmounts, leave the lid and or drain valve open when not in use.
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