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Air Duct Brush on Cable Drive Unit Does not Turn any more

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  • Air Duct Brush on Cable Drive Unit Does not Turn any more

    If you head on your Nikro or Clean Storm Rotary cable drive system does not turn, you need to re-read the webapge Rules for use again:
    #1 Clutched drill must be used. If you plug in a standard non-clutched electric drill, you will break the inner cable.

    Set clutch to the lowest setting that still allows the brush end to turn.
    #2 Do not use with more than 360 degrees of bends. Do not use coiled up.
    #3 If you vacuum system is a carpet cleaning machine, you must use the dustdowner connectors to spray water inside of your vacuum hose to protect your vacuum motors in your machine.
    #4 Only use the silica carbide brushes for metal duct work and fireplace cleaning.
    #5 Set the speed of the drill at the lowest setting using a zip or cable tie over the trigger. This is about 320 rpm or about 1/3 of its max setting. You can control the on / off function with the foot petal controller.
    #6 Opening of duct must be at least 4"
    #7 If you want to use an indoor vacuum or shop vac it must be HEPA rated filtration, otherwise exhaust your recovered air outside the home. Example, like a truckmount carpet cleaning machine. If you are in the market for the HEPA filtered vacuum look at the

    If you break the cable because you were not following the above rules, this is operator error and not a warranty consideration.
    The only way you can break the inner cable is if you broke one of the above rules.

    If you squeeze the trigger on your drill all the way this is about 1000 to 1200 rpm and you can break the cable.
    If you use a NON-clutched drill you will break the cable.

    If the head does not turn any more, more than likely you broke the inner cable near one of the ends. With an Allen wrench you can remove the brush end and drill end and locate which side is broken.
    Remove the metal ferule and trim back the jacket of the 1/4" ID hose and resecure the ends. Once you tighten down by hand go just a bit further by grabbing the Allen wrench and tighten with pliers too.
    You can also replace the inner core with a new one. Add some additional oil or grease to the inside of the hose when replacing the inner core.

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