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    QUESTION: Hello
    I would like to buy form Your e-shop:
    1. Air Care: Cable, Hose 1.5 X 35 ft W/12 inch Flex-E-Bristle Brush (for
    Cobra IV Pro) air duct
    cleaner [CE1958D]
    2. Air Care: 18" DuctMaster Replacement Brush [AC1322B]
    please tell me:
    - it will be working with Karcher industrial vacuum and Bosch cordless drill
    - how fast You can send me it to Poland (Europe)
    - price for shipping to Poland
    If this equipment will be ok - we would like to buy more equipment form Your
    e-shop becouse we are cleaning air ducts on ships and we need equipment
    who will be working with industrial vacuums.

    ANSWER: Thanks for the question. This item is just small enough to ship by the US-Post office. The factory does not offer international shipping so we would have to double ship this item (ship to us, then back out to you) The rate for today (11/08/11) with insurance for both legs of shipping is $171.14. I also checked the website and the shipping rate from FedEx was $929.73. The US Postal is a much cheaper option.
    The travel time with the post office us usually a month while FedEx is one week. You also need to add a week to either option for us to ship to our location first.
    You can use a cordless drill with this item as long as it is a 18 to 24 volt. Please note the end of the cable is designed to fit into the Air Care Cobra 5 AC2011C drive box and is a 'square drive' and not round to fit in a drill. As long as the chuck can open up to handle a large bit (1/2" ID US) you can insert and it will turn but wobble a bit in the drill.