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Aid duct cleaning equipment Cable Driven use and repair

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  • Aid duct cleaning equipment Cable Driven use and repair

    QUESTION: I purchased an air care cable / drill driven brush 18'' (ce3002a)about six weeks ago.
    I use it for my job. It is a great tool. While I was using it the cable broke on the end of the drill. I would like to return it to be fixed or replaced. Why did it break? Please contact me so I can get this fixed. My order number was 11025. I also purchased a 12'' flex brush.

    ANSWER: First you should know that as far as I know 100% of all first 90 day use breakages have always been operator error. This is because the air duct cleaner has to follow a few rules when using any brand of cable driven air duct system. #1. The cable cannot be left coiled up. You must un-spool the entire cable and only have one large smooth loop in cable that travels from the drill to the brush end. 2nd. You are to use only clutch driven drills. A standard plug in electric drill is sure to break the cable on its first use! The clutch is to be adjusted to the lightest setting that still allows for the brush to turn and not engage the clutch. Then as the brush hangs up on harder to maneuver turns, the clutch will engage before you break the cable. If you take a brand new cable and run test on it to see how much torch you have to engage to break the unit, it is quite a bit. In order to twist off the end of the cable one or both of the above rules where broken. The warranty if a factory warranty, so in order for them to investigate your case, you have to email photos of the problem along with your invoice number to [email protected]. More than likely I bet they ship you an end repair kit.

    Air Care FG0080 20 ft Cable and 18 in Brush System Drill Driven CE3002A, CE3002A, Cable Driven Air Duct Systems, Equipment Air Duct Cleaning Machines, by Air-Care, May be driven with a drill 20 ft long The inner cable is the 5 16&rdquo Core Cable t...

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