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Do-it-yourselft metal air duct cleaning

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  • Do-it-yourselft metal air duct cleaning

    QUESTION: I am cleaning my home return air duct (metal duct). I would like to get the manual rod and brush to clean it and then use my home vacuum cleaner to vacuum up the dust that is brushed off the inner wall of the duct. The duct is vertical in the wall, 24"x4" and about 10 feet high and the return air grille is at the wall bottom and is 24"x6". What rod(s) and brush(es) do you recommend?
    Also, I would like to put a return air grille with filter on two return air ducts. The rough openings in the walls are: 24.5"x24.5" and 24"x6". Which grilles with filter do you recommend? The house was built with just a return air grille (no filter). I think a filter would help to keep the dust out of the return air ducts. There is an air filter just upstream of the blower that filters the return air just before sending it to the supply ducts. With the return air filters, I would then be filtering the air at three places: Two return air and one supply air.

    ANSWER: For metal duct, use the sooteater system
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    Trim to fit brush and can be used to clean air ducts as long as you are metal.
    Now as far as ac filters, it is important to know, "just because it fits - does not mean it is OK to use." In other words, some AC systems require light duty filters or the added air flow restriction causes the unit not to perform correctly by freezing up the coils. Usually you want to start with a light weight filter and over time build up to a higher quality filters. Eventually you will have to back track to find the sweet spot in filtration.