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Apartment dryer vent cleaning system start up

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  • Apartment dryer vent cleaning system start up

    Question: Hello, I was interested in the 3-stage wet-dry Vac you sell, I wanted to use it for cleaning dryer vents . I would be doing them from the outside, and would like to know how long of a hose I could go,and if it would be better to use a 2" hose ? I also will be using a Heat Seal reverse flow skipper ball set up.
    Unless You Guys have a better idea, ALL outside cleaning,and all condo set-ups, I have just landed a Great contact w/ a management company.
    Any Help Info would be Great, Thanks In Advance for your Time.

    Answer: I am not completely clear on the machine you mean when you say 3 stage wet dry vac. We have a 3 motor, 6 stage HEPA vacuum located at
    -Clean Storm HEPA Triple Vacuum Motor Triple Filter Wet Dry Shop Vac 20 Gallon Tank w Tool Kit 120v 20140606, 20140606, Canister Vacuums, Vacuum Cleaners, Equipment Carpet Cleaning Machines, by Clean Storm, This is the strongest 20 gallon HEPA vac in t...

    The 3 motor shop vac only comes with 1-1/2" hose.
    If you want a 4 vacuum motor / 8 Stage machine with 2" ID hose look at
    -DriStorm Goliath Flood Pumper 26gal Four 2 Stage Vacs and Pressure Washer Recovery 120v with Lint Filtration SBM-GO-A SBMGOA, SBM-GO-A, Flood Pumpers Extractors, Equipment Restoration, by Shazaam, DriStorm Goliath Flood Pumper 26gal Four 2 Stage Vacs ...

    And add the dry filter bags option on the inside. The nice thing about this machine is you can remove the bags from inside the tank and perform apartment water damage clean up as well as purchase the water pump and heater and turn this machine into a carpet and upholstery cleaning machine.
    Clean Storm Hot Box Volcano 1750 Watt Heater With 220psi Pump for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning and spraying 1800-220, 1800-220, , by Clean Storm,  Clean Storm Volcano 1750 Watt Heater With 220 psi Pump for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, Heated ...

    Just add the hoses and tools depending on the surface you are cleaning.
    The Goliath flood pumper machine is not HEPA and does need to stay outside.
    Both system require two power cords plugged into different breakers.
    The 3 motor vacuum is a 20 amp vacuum system and the Goliath is a 30 amp vacuum system with 50% more vacuum. I mention this because somethimes customers look at the difference between one system with 6 stages of vacuum and the other with 8 and think the Goliath is only 25% more because it is only 25% more stages. In vacuum motors amp draw is king. If you have a 2 stage vacuum motor and it consumes and uses more electricity than a 3 stage motor, it will out vacuum the 3 stage even though it is smaller in stages.
    Please note that to use a air reverse skipper ball set up means you need a lot of air. Skipper balls require 12 cfm to work best. This means you will need two electric compressors "Y"ed together or a larger gasoline system. Performing apartments means you need might want gasoline powered or maybe a generator.
    Please look at this system:
    Shazaam Air Compressor Electric 115 volts, SBM Air Duct Compressor, , by Shazaam, 2.5 HP, 21 Gallon, 125 PSI Cast Iron Vertical Air Compressor This vertical air compressor can be connected to a variety of air hoses with a built-in universal quick-conne...

    Times 2 air compressors.
    + Goliath vacuum machine
    + Generator
    hose reels and vacuum reels

    Customer Comment: "First, THANK YOU,
    I should of been more clear, I was talking about the 3 motor six stage non-HEAPA machine. Can I run 75 ft of hose ? 1 1/2 hose . and I was going to buy the Heat Seal DV1-30 and DV2-30 . Both 1/4" . (from you today ) I wasn't sure about the air needs , when I emailed Heat Seal ( who referred me to you guys) he only asked me about how many psi. my compressor was , I have a DeWalt that reads 200psi at 5cfm. So your saying I need more air ?
    And now that you brought up this Goliath, WOW !!!!! that bad boy almost sounds to good to be true !! watched the video,and that thing is like the perfect machine !!! You have got my head spinning with the possibility's of things that can be done with that machine.
    Sir I thank You for your time and help."

    Answer: Yes, 75 ft of hose is the max length with any 6 stage 20 to 25 amp system when running 1-1/2" ID vacuum hose. 5 cfm air is way to little air flow. Your air compressor is going to run all the time and your cleaning will be half paced. In air duct and dryer vent cleaning cfm is the most important spec to look at. Don't get me wrong, you can do the work with one air compressor but it is not the same quality clean. Thank about it for a moment, you compressor is going to fill up and turn off. Within 10 seconds of cleaning your compressor is going to fall from 200 psi @ 5 cfm to way under that as it struggles to keep up. What you are cleaning is caked on dryer vent lint. Years of packed fibers, moisture, heat, more fibers, moisture, heat. Over and over again. All the while your compressor is falling to in cfm and psi. You want to be able to maintain max psi and cfm all the time. We always recommend 12 cfm as your target. In the world of air, you can never get enough. The Goliath is super versatile because you can also even mate it with pressure washers and perform pressure wash recovery, then as you have pressure wash recovery tools, you can take your pressure washer inside and perform tile and grout cleaning. Once you go inside you can use the same machine for tile walls, showers, counter tops... Add heat to your pressure washer for $1500 more and look at all the places you can take you business: Roof tops, Melt Snow, Ice Dam Correction, Kitchen Vents, Air Ducts, Tile and Grout (floors, corners, bathrooms, walls, counter tops), Mattresses, Pet Odor Removal, Cars (inside fabric and outside engines, ****t, tires, and undercarriage), Stair Cases, Drapery/Curtain, Fireplace Brick, Wheelie bin cleaning service, Weed Killing, Wall Covering, Office Partitions, Carpet, Upholstery, Flood and Water Extraction, Sewer Hydro Jetting, Trash Shoot Cleaning, Pressure Washing (surface preparation, sandblasting, ****t and graffiti removal, rain gutter cleaning, rust removal, gum removal, cement cleaning), underground drainage system. Highway clean up , air craft, aviation and air port cleaning, city municipalities, tunnel cleaning, ocean liner and yacht cleaning (inside and out), train car cleaning (inside and out) and hazmat work. All types of fire and water damage. Disaster clean up after hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, sewage breaks, drug labs, crime scenes, and oil spills. Raw sewage, waste disposal and mud pick up. Service industries: construction, mines, oil field, trash can cleaning, and quarries. Asbestos and Mold Abatement. Bio-Hazard, HazMat Cleanup. Hard surface and stone cleaning. Carpet, upholstery, dry, and duct cleaning. Melting ice dams, thawing valves, culverts, hydrants, tanks, piping system, drains, Clean-n-Capture work. Thawing railroad cars to accelerate removal of viscous contents. Removing oil and grease. Preparing surfaces for ****ting. Cleaning monuments and buildings. Degassing oil and gas tanks. Sterilization and disinfection of equipment. Eradication of insects, weeds, nematodes from soil. Accelerate pre-cast concrete curing: thaw aggregate and sand for concrete production. Do work for Contractors, Developers, Engineering, Excavation, Fast Food, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Gas Stations, Home, Hotels, Proper Management, Schools, Federal and State Agencies, Convention Centers, Arena, Industrial Parks, Manufactures, Moving Companies, ****ters, Pavers, Roofers, Storage Facilities, Railroads, Trucking and Waste Disposal. One machine for everything!

    This web page is placing the "***" because it thinks I am typing some type of slang words. To look at the complete list visit
    .SteamBrite MFG 27Hp Dragon Slayer Multi Surface Use Truckmount Pressure Washer 45 Vacuum Blower Recovery 2745, EZ2745 Slayer, , by Steambrite MFG, Save money on Kerosene or Diesel by letting your machine work for you  Preheating your water before...

    Please note you will also need some type of physical agitation system for the really dirty vents. Look at the Scorpion spinning brush
    Heat Seal Equipment Scorpion Spinning Brush, SS18, Air Duct Brushes & Attatchments, Equipment Air Duct Cleaning Machines, by Heat Seal Equipment, This new tool for the Scorpion System is used when super aggressive brushing is required. Works only i...
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