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Water Lift/CFM in Airduct Cleaning w a Hose

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  • Water Lift/CFM in Airduct Cleaning w a Hose

    Im interested in parts, TurboBright Airduct Cleaning and Air Care CE1958D Cable Vac Hose (operate by a drill), the purpose of cleaning airduct. For this purpose, I'm looking for an appropriate machine to attach with the above parts for maximum cleaning effect.
    What is the optimal CFM and Water Lift Power required to get the best airduct cleaning effect and which machines that meets these criterions fit best to deliver optimal airduct cleaning results?

    I would also like to understand how to determine the optimal trade off between CFM and Water Lift Power in the airduct cleaning process in the context of the above cleaning system and more specifically what roll Water Lift plays in that process and similarly what roll does the CFM plays in this process?

    Finally, with above parts attached with the appropriate machine you recommend can I achieve superior cleaning effect to the Rotobrush Brush Beast (540 CFM there 3 size hoses 2.25, 1.5, 1,25, and it have 4 vacuum engine and 2 separate 15 amp circuits for the two power cords)?

    What effect that the length of the hose have on the required water Lift Power and CFM and how does different lengths of hose affect the CFM and Water Lift required?

    Checkout the following video:

    TurboBrite Air Duct Cleaning Silver Package Vacuum Driven (Tool body + 4, 6, 8 and 3 pair of whips in case) [Turbotech ZX Silver]

    Air Care CE1958D Cable Vac Hose 1.5 X 35 ft W/12 inch Flex-E-Bristle Brush for Cobra 5 Air Duct Cleaner (RP0215) [CE1958D]
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    Misrepresentation of the Rotobrush Beast

    Please read the article about maximum hose lengths at

    Both CFM and inches of lift is always important with all air duct cleaning. More is better. This is no "best" as you can always add more electricity and make a unit stronger. You might have to first decide on your budget and how many power cords you're willing to plug in.

    You will notice that the older Rotobrush beast cannot get 500+ cfm in their 2" ID vacuum hose and then through the nozzle at the end of the hose. Hose length and ID to play a factory in true real life uses.
    What the factory is doing is taking the cfm of each vacuum motor max cfm, at sea level, un-restricted, at zero inches of lift, without filters, without the machine body, without the hoses, without the nozzle, without the cable inside the hose, and providing the max cfm of all the vacuum motors added together. The "use" cfm would be under 400 cfm. The new 2-1/4" ID hose might be able to handle the cfm, but again the numbers are taken with the vacuum motors removed from the machine.

    Please also note if you are considering purchasing a used Rotobrush unit from Ebay or a friend, the factory has always charged a $450 registration fee in the past. For example, you purchase a used unit, then want to order some replacement filters, you call their office to place this order, the operator will notice your profile is missing from their computer. To add your name and address to the computer cost $450 to write the invoice! Please call them before you purchase a used machine and make sure you can order parts without the registration fee. Many of our customers have refused to pay the $450 and then turn around and resell their just purchased used machine as they refuse to do business with this company. Now if you pay the $9K+ for a new machine the registration is not a problem.

    If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to spending $9000 and you want a similar machine, you can look at the Air Care Duct Master

    You could also combine 2 units of the Clean Storm Triple Hepa shop vac
    Two of these units "Y" together while using 2" ID hose would provide 400 cfm of duct cleaning suction for $1500 (576 cfm using 'Beast' math)
    But this is 3 breakers driving 6 vacuum motors. Again the more electricity you consume the stronger your equipment.
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