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    Question: OK , Goliath with Complete Heat /dual heat and heater 1800 watt , does will produce a really hot whether at the end of the wand?
    Let's say at 350-400psi how much will be the approximately temperature at the end . Is it really will produce steam ?

    Answer: Usually most hot water sinks produce 110 degree F water at the sink. The Goliath 14,000 BTU heat exchanger adds 30 degrees to take it to 140 degrees F rise. The electric heater adds another 20 degree rise F. This would be 160 degree F. Naturally, like all electric carpet cleaning heaters, if you set the wand down for two minutes the water will rise to 200-212 degrees and turn off. Please note as mentioned many times before that electric heaters and factories that make these heater claim "heats water to 200 degrees in two minutes," or "200-212 degrees at the tip." Both these statement are true and false at the same time. In other words, if you set the wand down and quit cleaning, the 8 to 32 oz of water inside the heater will reach 200 degrees in two minutes. When you pick up the wand and start cleaning the 200 degree water will travel to the tip and give you 200 degrees for 5 to 10 seconds or so. None of the machines clean with 200 degree water at the tip all the time. Only if you let the heater work for two minutes and clean for 15 seconds. Though it is possible, nobody cleans like this. It is more like clean for 15 seconds and do a dry stroke for 8 seconds, or 20 seconds cleaning and 10 seconds dry stroke. You will see steam coming off the wand but it is not cleaning with steam, just really hot water. At about the 160 degree mark is when you really start to see steam coming off the wand. Please note that the Goliath Complete Heat is the hottest portable on the market today for many reasons. #1 pressure feed pumps clean almost 15 degrees hotter than suction feed pumps because the water is not sitting in a fresh tank for 20 minutes waiting for its turn to go hit the carpet. #2 The twin series pair vacuum motors combined with this brand of vacuum motors provides the correct level of heat for the heat exchanger. We tested other brands of vacuum motors, other vacuum configuration (all series, or all parallel) and nothing produces heat like this does. We compared 'ambient heat exchange' AKA coils 'under the hood,' or 'Power Flite Perfect Heat' style and their is no comparison. While the 'under the hood' in a portable extractor machine is about 120 degrees F ambient temperature is a far cry from 180 degree F hot air being forces through 28 feet of 3/8" tubing wrapped in heat adsorbing aluminum fins. #3 The traditional electric post heater used on a 3rd power cord offers the last 20 degree F boost just before the water hits the carpet. So in comparison if a traditional heated suction feed portable starting with 110 degrees F cools to 95 degrees and then is boosted to 115 degrees F with the 20 degree rise on the electric heater. Final stoking temperature 115 degrees F. Compare that to the Power Flite Perfect Heat starts at a 110 degrees F > it is suction feed so cools to 95 degrees > ambient heater adds 20 degrees to 115 F. > electric heater takes it to final stroking cleaning temperature 135 degree F. Goliath final stroking cleaning temperature 160 degrees F. Here is what is not fair, to compare the cleaning of a two corded machine against a 3 corded Complete Heat Goliath. Naturally power consumption is in direct proportion to cleaning efficiency. Machines that consume more power will clean better. So compare amp draw VS cleaning performance. Example take traditional dual 3 stage 500 psi 2000 watt machine (Mytee 1003DX, Clean Storm 12-3500-H) uses about 38 amp @120 volts to operate and is stroking at 115 degrees F with 27,000 vacuum units (using the Max CFM @ Zero inches of lift X (Times) Max Inches of lift @ Zero CFM formula). We know that for every 18 degrees of water temperature over 118 degree F water molecule vibration is doubled, so 136 degree F water can clean with half as much cleaner and achieve the same results as 118 degree F. Now let us take the cleaning temperature add to vacuum units and add to psi. Example (Mytee 1003DX or Clean Storm 12-3500-H) 115 degrees + 500psi + 27,000 vacuum units = 27615 performance units and divide by 38 amp = 726.71 performance units per amp draw. Compare this to the two corded Goliath with heat exchanger. Cleans at 140 degrees + 500 psi + 42,500 vacuum units = 43,140 performance units and divide by 34 amps = 1,268.82 performance units per amp draw. The Goliath 2 corded heat exchanger model is 74% more electrically efficiency than traditional carpet cleaning machines. The key was using more electricity to make more vacuum and then using that vacuum to make the heat. So now let us compare electrical performance consumption of the Goliath Complete Heat 160 degree + 500 psi + 42,500 vacuum units = 43,160 performance units. Divided by 49 amps = 880.82 performance units per amp used. 21% more efficient use of electricity. Even if you take and either add a vacuum booster OR an extra electric heater to turn traditional two corded carpet cleaning machines into 3 corded machines, you will find that the Goliath is always more performance per amp draw. Now for all the negative things to say about this article. I developed the "Vacuum Unit" and "Performance Units" rating many many years ago. While they are not scientific I developed these words and formulas so our industry would have some way to compare one machine to another. Here is what it does not take in consideration: pressure drop off between standby pressure VS cleaning pressure. Or size of jets used OR gallons per minute (gpm). We know that suction feed machine, using the same pump, will perform with about 75psi less cleaning pressure than pressure feed pumps with larger spray jets because of the building pressure helping the pump. Pressure feed pumps can have larger jets used than suction feed pumps because they are not starving for water to enter the pump. Some brands of machines have larger pump motors and a longer cam bearing throw to make up for the suction feed demands, but this also means more electricity required to maintain the water water pressure with a larger jet used. Maybe one day I will be able to calculate these gpm flow rates into the formula along with calories burned to manually fill and manually empty the portable extractor VS set up time VS Auto fill/dump VS dollars invested VS square feet per hour....
    Donald Cook

    Goliath Complete Heat

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