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Goliath Flood unit VS Mytee 7000DX

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  • Goliath Flood unit VS Mytee 7000DX

    Question:This Goliath flood pumper is similar to Mytee's 7000DX, isn't it? The Mytee's is a little bit weaker I know but seems to be cheaper.
    Do you think this flood pumpers could be used to recover dirty water from BOTH the Turbo tools and the Mosmatic ones operating at 4.2 GPM?

    Well, about the CleanStorm unit it doesn't seem to have an internal heater, am I wrong? Would you have any other model to recommend that have also heating capability?

    About external inline heaters, which one would you recommend to me considering my current set of tools (Water Otter, AirHog and Turbo tools)?

    We didn't talk yet about truckmounts. I'd like to import (to resell) truckmount units such as the Prowler 13HP from AmtexEquipments. I do like this model because it is midway between a portable and a truckmount but stronger in vacuum and in water pump. I would like to know your opinion on it and know if Amtex would make it with a stronger pump such as 3.000 or 3.500 psi and 4-5 GPM?

    Answer: Goliath Flood pumper VS Mytee 7000DX
    The Goliath Food pumper vacuum system is quad 2 stage dual series parallel, 30 amp vacuum system 170" X 250 cmf = 42,500 vacuum units.
    Mytee 7000DX uses the Electro Motor dual 3 stage
    136" X 208 CFm = 28,288 vacuum units drawing an average amp draw of 22 amps.
    Now we will take you back to your 6 grade math:
    X over 100 = 42,500 over 28288
    Cross multiply and divide.
    X = 150
    This means that the Goliath is 50% stronger than the 7000DX but naturally so, It is not fair that you are comparing a 22 amp vacuum system against a 30 amp vacuum system.
    Other Differences: Goliath is dual pump out discharge. Toggle back and forth between discharging auto dump water through a garden hose (garden hose has a max discharge rate of 10 gpm -fine for cleans) or through a 1.5" ID vacuum hose (flood restoration)
    7000DX is single discharge 1.5" vacuum hose and make is a little difficult to auto dump in a sink or other inside sources.
    HEAT: The Goliath has a 14,000 BTU optional heater for the flood pumpers. Visit
    This is so you can transfer the 110 degree F average sink temperature and add a 30 degree rise to 140 degrees to feed your cold or hot pressure washer or tile cleaning pump. The advantage is 140 degree is twice as efficient as 110 degrees and this is not taking any more electricity to accomplish this. If you choose to use a heated pressure washer or Little Giant propane heater, you will find your fuel heating bill is cut in half by using the building and the Goliath to pre-heat the water for you.

    The Goliath uses a stainless steel NO Clog drain valve and never needs to be serviced.
    I am not sure I understand the Clean Storm Heat question. We do have dual 3 stage electric heated Clean Storm portables with and without auto dump.

    Our most popular in line external electric heater is located at
    The most popular propane heater is located at (this higher pressure model can be used for tile cleaning)
    the most popular karosene or diesel fuel heater is

    To answer your question: Do you think this flood pumpers could be used to recover dirty water from BOTH the Turbo tools and the Mosmatic ones operating at 4.2 GPM?
    Answer: Yes, depending on the hose length and the size of the surface cleaner. The rule of thumb is that for if you place water on the floor with a gasoline pressure washer, you should consider a gasoline vacuum recovery unit. Example
    Here is a 33 blower that is rated for 180 cfm @ 225" of lift = 40,500 vacuum units.
    The Goliath will out dry a 33 or a 3003 vacuum blower pump with 42,500 vacuum units.

    Now as far as truckmounts. We do not have a single customer that is using a Prowler as a portable. It is so heavy that it will take a special ramp and electric wench to get it in and out of the truck along with keeping the tires with perfect pressure in them. I always think how funny it is how customer think they are going to purchase the gasoline portable and ultimately leave it in the truck. We are no longer caring the Prowler but do have the regular tanked version of the machine.
    Please note that the Prowler series sucks the dirty water through the roots blower. This means that you have to monitor the amount of water you are sucking through the blower. For example during a flood restoration job you have to let air breath through the wand/hoses or you over stress the blower out and brake the coupling. The auto pump out and air are mixed together. This means you cannot legally dump in a toilet/commode because the mud is mixed with the 200 cfm and it would blow mud on the walls. You can place in the city sewer system in the yard through the sewer clean out. This is the only place to dump and these are not always accessible.

    The only truckmount that is reasonably prices and has a true pressure washing system on it, is the Slayer 4047