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Clean Storm 1200 psi 5 stage 20 gpm auto dump portable carpet cleaning machine.

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  • Clean Storm 1200 psi 5 stage 20 gpm auto dump portable carpet cleaning machine.

    Question: HI, and thanks for the reply. I would like some additional questions answered regarding the machine you suggested,
    ( storm clean 1200 psi carpet & tile )
    1- how much cfm & water lift does the machine have?
    2- how much does it weigh?
    3- Is it truly a carpet cleaning machine, by that I mean can it actually give good drying times with the vacuum's
    4- What is the amp at start & amps per cord
    5- Why do you suggest this machine over others.
    Thanks & please excuse any questions that may seem trivial, it is my first machine and I want to make the right choice.

    Answer: More about the vacuum system:
    Primary vacuum is the Lamb 116565-13 3 stage 117.4" H2O lift @ 99 Cfm
    Secondary is Lamb 116392-00 2 stage 81.8" H2O lift @ 97 Cfm
    Combined system 171.8" lift X 123.25 cfm = 21,174 vacuum units.

    weight is 150 lbs.

    This would be categorized an average vacuum system when compared to other carpet cleaning machines but a stronger than normal vacuum system on tile cleaning machine. The next strongest vacuum system like the mytee m12 unit is 17,889 vacuum units (193 cfm X 92.5") per testing by Electromotor who makes the vacuum motors for mytee
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    15 amps for the water pump cord and 17.8 amps for the vacuum.

    This is a better tile cleaning machine for several reasons:
    1. Better built housing,
    2. weight of 150 lbs means you can lift it in an out of your truck by yourself. Other machines weight 200 ++ lbs and require team lifting or ramp purchase.
    3. 20 gpm pump out means you can use for flood restoration. Other brands only offer 3 to 5 gpm and can only be used as an auto dump system for cleaning and not floods.
    4. Includes auto fill hose, auto dump hose, and hose mount lint filtration. All other brands charge an extra fee for these parts. This is worth $200 alone!
    5. More vacuum. The #1 reason a customer will never use you again was you left the carpet too wet. This also means you can run enough hose to clean the second floor of the home without having to relocate the machine.
    6. Cleans carpets at 500 psi. Other brands have you clean carpet at 150 to 200 psi using a separate pump (adding even more weight to the machine.) These pumps will have you rinse carpet up to 3 times slower than 500 psi. When working I do not want to make a day of it, rather get paid a decent pay for my time. If I have to take at least twice as long on every job I do for the next 10 years, what good is that?
    7. Better value. Add up lines 1 to 6 and the machine did not cost any more than any other brand. For example the Masterblend Truckforce and the Kleenrite tile cleaning machines are great machines built with the same internal guts and the same performance but cost $1000 more. They are worth every penny but right now how can you beet the price on the Clean Storm 12-5000?
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