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Add the Universal Vacuum Booster to a Ninja Extractor

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  • Add the Universal Vacuum Booster to a Ninja Extractor

    Question: Hi
    I have a Ninja 500 extractor, can I attach the Shazaam: Universal Vacuum Booster to it?
    Thanks Paul

    Answer: If you are talking about the Ninja Classic, you have three options:
    We make a new Ninja lid with the vacuum booster already attached.
    Booster $450 + Classic Ninja lid $167.67 = $617.67
    Or for $450, we ship you all the parts to self install it on you current lid.
    The latter option would require a certain level of tools and knowledge.
    OR We would not offer step by step instruction on how to mount it/ install it unless you want to pay for an hour of tech support. $72.00
    This would be $450 + $72 = $520 + shipping.

    If you are talking about the Ninja Warrior line that uses a 6" screw in lid, the booster is either going to screw right into the top of the machine or you will have to replace the outer screw on lip with the one that comes with the booster.

    Universal vac booster
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    water lift and cfm

    how much cfm and water lift will i get if i ad the booster to my ninja warrior 1200 psi. i only use 25 feet of hose now and the carpet seem too wet
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      Ninja with vacuum booster

      The CFM will double to 200 cfm but the inches of water lift will remain the same.
      200 cfm X 155" = 31,000 vacuum units.
      This will run 150 ft of 2" hose.


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        do i have to use 2 in. hose?


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          Is 2" vacuum hose required once I had a vacuum booster?

          That is a yes and no answer.
          I ran some test with a large truckmounted carpet cleaning machine and wanted to find out what happens when you stick a lot of 1.5" ID vacuum hose on it. 75 ft works pretty good. Performance drops off like crazy after 125 ft.
          What does this mean. Well if you want to use a booster and only run under 75 feet, you are ok with just using 1.5" ID vacuum hose. If you want the best performance possible, use as much 2" ID hose as possible. I like using 1.5" ID leaders between 10 to 15 ft long. This is just long enough that my 2" ID vacuum hose is not part of the wand stroking (up and back) and all the part of the hose that is in the air is also only 1.5" ID. You should try to work up to using mostly 2" and then just add the 1.5 at the end near the wand. If you are using a larger auto fill/ dump extractor with a booster a 100 ft of 2" + 15 ft 1.5" leader with clean most 2 story homes so you never have to relocate or set up a second time.