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    Question; Hello,
    I'm wondering if you sell any portable that has two 7.2 inch mounted Vacs in Series?
    If so what make and model?
    I want to replace the 7.2 Vacs with the latest Ametek 8.4s which have the same mounting but there needs to be room for them in the cabin.
    Something like the Eclipse from timbuktoo manufacturing will fit them as an example.
    My goal is to have a Series Portable with 500 psi and 2x 8.4 Vac Motors and Auto Fill and a pump out and a rinse hose.
    Please advise.

    Answer: We ran some test with 8.4" vacuum motors and they were not very good performers.
    Top vacuum portable electric machines on the market
    Goliath 30 amp Quad vac 8 stage system with 42,500 vacuum units

    Clean Storm 26 amp with series 6.6 vac motors with 36,550 vacuum units

    Cross American 26 amp with parallel 6.6 vac motors with 35,894 vacuum units

    We do not have any machines using the 8.4" vacuum motors at this time.

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    Goiath, Jaguar 6.6 and Clean Storm

    Question: Hey Donald. I was reading online that you can have pressure loss with higher elevation. I live at around 6,500ft above sea level. What kind of pressure loss will I have? And if it is a lot, should I consider getting the Jaguar 6.6 instead of the Goliath due to the fact that the Jaguar goes up to 800psi? Also will I have any suction issues being at such a high altitude? I know the 6.6 has 289 cfm vs 250 with Goliath, and 6.6 has 125 inches of water lift vs 170 with the Goliath.

    I really love the Goliath and would prefer that over the Jaguar especially because you can hook the Goliath up to a faucet or shower head, but which would be better in higher elevation?

    This will probably be my last question before I order.

    Thanks a lot Donald,


    ANSWER; I do not think you will have pressure loss rather you will have vacuum loss because of the thinner air. The Jaguar and Goliath use the same Pumptec pump and both can push 800 psi but just like it is not recommended on the Goliath and I would not do in on the Jaguar either. In fact I recommend running the both machines at 450 psi for long pump life. What will happen if I continue to push the pump aggressiveness? The pump motor will burn out very quickly! As you increase the pump pressure you increase the amp draw and the minimize service factor rating of the electric motor. This is like purchasing a car that can drive 140 mph and you drive it 140 mph 100% of the time. Compare the life expectancy of the car to the same car traveling at 70 mph 100% of the time. Per Pumptec recommendations we install a circuit breaker on the pump so if you turn it up on the Goliath it will trip the reset-able breaker. The Jaguar does not have safety features on the pump. This is a Pumptec warranty violation.
    If you really want to clean tile, please consider a true tile cleaning or pressure washing pump that can push 1200 to 1500 psi. At 500 to 800 psi are you are doing is rinsing the floor and not pressure washing any way.

    CFM and Inches of lift are EQUALLY important. This is why I developed the term 'vacuum units.'
    Cfm rating is taken at zero inches of lift and inches of lift is taken at zero cfm. We are carpet cleaners do not clean at either figure rather with the wand on the floor both are partially in use. An easy way to compare which portable can dry carpet the fastest and use the longer hose is to multiple both figures together.
    Jaguar 6.6 is 289 cfm X 125" = 36,125 vacuum units with a 26 amp vacuum system.
    Goliath is 250+ cfm X 170" = 42,500 vacuum units with a 30 amp vacuum system.
    It is easy to see that the Goliath can run 10% more hose or dry the carpet 10% faster than the Jaguar.
    As you can also see that amp draw is king. Naturally the Goliath out performs the Jaguar because it is using 10% more electricity than the Jaguar.
    You can easy see how one carpet cleaning machine compares in dry time to other carpet cleaning machines by comparing vacuum units and amp draw.
    This is important because with today's vacuum motors you can have a 2 stage vacuum motor out perform a 3 stage vacuum motor.
    Look at the Locomotive truck mount. 45 amp vacuum system using four 2 stage vacuum motors making over 73,000 vacuum units.

    We found that the 6.6 vacuum motor perform better in series and made the Clean Storm 6.6 this way
    This produces 36,550 vacuum units with the same 26 amp draw vacuum system. Only 1% better and series mounted vacuum but why not if it works better...

    Jaguar 6.6 on sale at

    I think the Goliath works the best because it is the best of series vacuum motors and parallel vacuum motors.

    I have had a few customer ask for more vacuum units in the Goliath but then you get in the realm of amp draw being too high. If you change the vacuum to more than 30 amps, then you have to move to a 3 power corded machine or trip breakers on half the jobs you go on. We decided to make our 3 corded machine hotter with our Complete Heat model instead.
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