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Hooking up the Goliath vacuum hose for the first time.

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  • Hooking up the Goliath vacuum hose for the first time.

    Question: I have a couple of questions about the Goliath. I just received it today and have been going over it.
    1. For the auto dump out, can I just use any garden hose for that?
    2. Should I just use the garden hose for dumping if I'm just going to be doing carpet and upholstery cleaning?
    3. On the front there are 4 vacuum buttons and 2 pump buttons. The one that just says pump, what does that do exactly? And the waste pump, I assume that's for the auto dump to get rid of the waste. Is that correct?
    4. As far as laying the machine down, will it harm the machine if I lay it on its back or on the handle I should say?
    5. As far as water and electricity, I'll be using the customers at first until I get a generator and tanks. Do you have any idea how much water I will use and how much it will cost the customer for say for 500 sq. ft or 1000 sq. ft. and how much it would cost for electricity? I know this question is kinda hard to answer but if you have an idea for me just in case the customer does ask, I'd really appreciate it.
    6. Connecting my 2 inch hose to the wand or to the 1.5 inch hose, what do I need? I must have overlooked that because I can't connect the two.
    Sorry if these questions are dumb. I just don't want to assume anything.
    Thanks so much Donald.

    Answer: For carpet and upholstery cleaning any garden hose will work. Please make sure that the hose does not kink and if you are discharging in a home secure the pump out hose.
    Example: I use our 6 ft auto fill hoses as pump out hoses. In a kitchen I tuck the pump out hose under the faucet and stick the end in a cleaned out garbage disposal. For toilet placement, I push the pump out hose all the way up the curve of the toilet and place the seat and lid on top of the hose. For laundry room dumping, I push the pump out hose as far as possible down the drain tube. I do not discharge in bathroom sinks.
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    For water damage, you need to discharge through a 1-1/2" vacuum hose and place the hose outside the home. A garden hose has a max flow rate of about 10 gpm and the Goliath will suck up 30 gallons a minute during water extraction so a larger hose is a must.
    Pump switch means pressure pump up to 500 psi. For longer pump life I like to run the pumps at 450 psi just so it is not running at 100% capacity.
    Waste pump switch is to turn on the auto dump pump. Please not that both the switch must be "on" and the float must rise up to make the pump turn on. You can adjust the water level that the auto dump float turns the pump on by lowering or raising the rubber "O" ring on the plastic horizontal shaft. I like to place the "O" to the lowest point to make the pump turn on as soon as possible.
    The machine can be layed down on its side or back if you want. My concert for this on a long term basis it could this make the auto pump out float rod develope a curve in it after a while? I do not know the answer to this. I made some phone calls and the consists is that if you have to lay it down try to do so on the side that would cause the float to hit the side wall of the machine so if the rod bends a bit, it should still ride up the shaft.
    I calculated electrical consumption about 20 years ago and it cost about $.20 per hour back then to run a 2 corded machine. I assume today about $.40 per hour to run the Goliath max.
    The 2" vacuum hose leaves the machine for about 5 ft, then goes through the 2" hose mount lint filter, to another 45 ft of 2" vacuum hose to a AH74 2" barbed X 2" barbed connector to an AH46 expanded hose cuff to 15 ft of 1.5" id vacuum hose to a 1.5" standard hose cuff to the wand.