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Largest water pressure pump options that will fit under the hood of the Goliath?

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  • Largest water pressure pump options that will fit under the hood of the Goliath?

    Question: What are the largest water pressure pump options that will fit under the hood of the Goliath portable carpet cleaning machine?

    Answer: Only three different 500 psi pumps will fit.
    Pumptec 80022 (on the Pumptec discontinued list and soon to be replaced with 81275)
    Pumptec 81275
    Pumptec 81201 for 230 volt us in other countries.
    If you need a 1200 or 1500 psi pump you will need to consider a carry in or roll in supplemental tile and grout pump.
    See examples at

    As of fall 2014 the Goliath body style was changed to 26 gallons and we now have a 1500 psi dual 3 stage machine available.

    2015 we added the Goliath GO-1500 with the industry's first portable to offer a 1500 psi pump at 2.1 gpm (3150 cleaning units/speed) water pump. Installed General Pump TT2021EBF 3400 RPM Pump Head Bolt on for Electric 56C Frame Electric Motor
    1500 psi X 2.1 gpm = 3150 cleaning units/Speed. (With optional heater installed 6300 cleaning units)
    Clean 31.25% more water pressure than 1200 psi tile cleaning machines.
    Clean with 5% more gallons per minute than other 2 gpm tile and carpet cleaning machines.
    Clean 31.25% faster with 3150 Cleaning units over other 2400 Cleaning units/speed all-in-one multi-surface extractors.
    Pump seals are rated for 165 degree F. HOT inbound water. This 17.86% more than other 140 degree rated seals used on other brands of portables.
    Light duty exterior pressure washing is now possible
    Pressure wash engines, use for car washing, tile cleaning, carpet cleaning, more!
    Please note in order to keep the machine on two power cords, we had to tune down the vacuum from 30 amps to 18 amps and the auto dump pump from 30 gpm to 3.3 gpm.
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    Goliath Complete Heat Machine only in 230 volt, How far will it auto dump pump?

    Question: Please give me the actual price for Goliath on 230v including heat exchanger and internal heater , hoses but no wand.
    I have enough power to run it on 230v . I have a question how long / in meters / could be the auto dump hose for regular cleaning.
    For example if machine operate 20 meters away from the sink to supply water is no problem but is there enough power the waste pump to operate the same distance.
    Any any new innovation on Goliath or is it the same?

    Answer: The Goliath Complete Heat in 230 volts $4599.99 less no hoses or wand, machine only but we will include 3 power cords and the hose mount lint filter. $4399.99
    The Goliath can auto dump water 20 meters as long as the drain hose is all down hill. The discharge port is about 71 cm off the floor. I do not think you have a limit to any distance going down hill. The auto dump pump is impressive. When discharging out of a 1.5" ID hose it will suck up and pump out a full 30 gallons (114 liters) in one minute. When pumping through a garden hose, a garden hose maxes out at about 10 gallons (38 liters) a minute with a short hose and diminishes with added distance. The Goliath when in the cleaning mode is only using 0.72 gallon (2.73 liters) a minute so the auto dump pump does not turn on that often and when it does it is only for a few seconds based on the size and distance of the hose you decide to use. Most customer always discharge through a garden hose for cleaning and discharge through 1.5" vacuum hose on flood work.
    The last change we made on the Goliath was to change out vacuum manifolds for fiberglass vacuum manifolds
    We had a few customers melt their plastic manifold when they were sucking up live steam for extended times. All Goliath models now include fiberglass manifolds and you do not request these. In future we are changing the mold for the Goliath to larger rectangular turn and latch lid. It will be of this style but with be rectangular and as large as at least half the entire top of the machine. This will prove increasing user service and maintenance and make it impossible break the top or have any type of gasket issues. Similar to:
    I do not have any of these models yet but expect I will inside the next two months. I can here the questions already, "can we purchase the bubble top machine now and change to the new lid later?" Answer "No." Sorry the lid is so large than it requires a new mold and body style.
    Also as a side note, if you are transferring your building supplied hot water 20 meters to the machine, you have to use hot water rated hose. Please do not traditional garden hose, for it will break and flood the building. We can custom make you a 3/8" ID 200 psi, 800 psi burst rated 200 degree F (93 degree C) hot water rated garden hose. We also would install a sharp 90 degree turn on the female end to help ensure the hose travels out of the sink without a kink.
    You can even run these on live reels


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      Larger pumps for the Goliath

      Question: Probably I will wait for the new changes of Goliath but let me ask you something , if you increase the body of the machine maybe it will be possible to install a bigger pump, I remember you told me at present it's not possible cos the limited space inside but ones you have a bigger body ?
      So What do you think?

      Answer: I do not think this is a direction I want to go because the max lift weight for a single person to load and unload a carpet cleaning machine is 150 lbs. (68 kilos)
      After 150 lbs, you will have to team lift the machine or purchase a ramp (which should be done anyway).
      The Complete Heat Goliath is already 150 lbs and I do not want to make it heavier with a larger pump. For customers that want 1200 + psi I would recommend they consider a stand alone roll in or carry in pump.

      As soon as you have a machine that really is not portable, why make it portable? Just use a bolt down truckmount or synergistic machine.
      I have had customer that own the Goliath 500 psi models and still own a larger pressure washing system (some cold and some hot) that they use for truckmounted or tile cleaning service and when they have a portable job the 500 psi pump is already under the hood so they are ready to go for carpet and upholstery cleaning.

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        Adding more vacuum to the Goliath Carpet Cleaning Machine

        Question: Thanks i understand, and last question because you said goliath will be more bigger and have more space those motors a dual stage elektro motors. Is there any chance eatch pair to be build with one dual stage and one 3 stage electro motors and both pairs ate in paralel as the way it is.
        I know it will increase the consuming amps but i jast asking you.

        Answer: The Goliath machine already totally occupies the current available in the USA.
        Each pair of vacuum motors draws 15 amps per power cord for a total 30 amp vacuum system.
        You still have to leave power for the pressure pump 2.8 amp on one power cord and 3 amp auto pump out on the other power cord.
        It is not going to do you any good if you make a machine that will not plug into most buildings.
        Here is what you just asked 7.5 amp 2 stage + 10 amp 3 stage = 17.5 amps + one of the pumps (lowest is 2.8 amp) = 20.3 amps.
        No building in the USA will handle this. Yes, this design would have more vacuum and produce a 35 amp vacuum system but what go is it if you cannot use it. Edic made lots of Galaxy Pro 2700FXH that was dual 10 amp 3 stage vacuum motors + 500 psi water pump on one power cord + 2000 watt heater on this other power cord. They did this just because they did not want to go to three power cords. 100% of all the customer complained about this machine because there was not a single location it would work in. It is a guaranteed breaker tripper. We had to send out lots of repair kits that added a 3rd cord and toggle switch to those customers and machines we had in the building all ad to be re-wired. My point is just because you can do it does not mean it should be done.
        For customers that a stronger vacuum system than 30 amp, we do offer the flood pumper model with an optional roof vacuum booster port. You can tie in any additional vacuum at this location or cap it off when not in use.

        electro vacuum motors


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          How does 230 volt amp draw compare with 115 volt amp draw?

          Question: Hi Donald i read the email but does Goliath draw the same amps on 230 volts because i will use it in Europe on 230 volts

          Answer: no the amp draw is cut in half with 230/240 volts.
          Formula remains the same Amps X Volts = Watts
          Watts divided by volts = amps

          Take for example a 1500 watt vacuum motor divided by 115 volts = 13.04 amps
          Same vacuum motor 1500 watts divided by 230 volts = 6.52 amps