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Clean Storm 6 gallon option in 500 psi?

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  • Clean Storm 6 gallon option in 500 psi?

    Question: i'm interested to know if the 6 gallon Cleanstorm porty can be had with dual 3 stage vacs with auto fill/dump and 500psi pump.
    can the same machine be had with dual 6.6 vacs auto fill/dump, 500psi?
    Also, the Cleanstorm 12 gal porty, this series or parallel set-up?
    what does it measure when lying on its back....32"?
    Thanks, Dominic

    Answer: The 6 gallon can be made with dual 3 stage but it does not have enough space in it for 500psi. 300 psi is the strongest that will fit.
    The 6 gallon will not fit the 6.6 vacuum motors either. Auto fill and auto dump and be added to any portable.

    The 12-6500 is a series vacuum system. We found with the 6.6 vacuum motors the series performs the same as parallel on this vacuum motor set up when calculating the the max cfm X max inches of water lift = vacuum units formula. Both configuration pull just under 37,000 vacuum units.

    The machine is 38 inches high so laying on it back would make it 38 inches long.