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Cross American Revolver carpet cleaning machine warranty

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  • Cross American Revolver carpet cleaning machine warranty

    Question: I am a sales rep in Inglewood, CA. We are interested in ordering a Cross American: Revolver Deluxe
    500 psi - 2/3 vacs - non heated carpet extractor.
    My question is what kind of warranty does this machine carry? Where in our area would we find a authorized service co.
    Cross American Revolver Deluxe - 500psi - 2 3Vacs - Nonheated, Revolver, Cross American, Portable Extractors by Brand, Equipment Carpet Cleaning Machines, by Cross American, MAGNUM PERFORMANCE   The REVOLVER system- a well balanced system   T...

    Answer: The machine comes with a 5 year pro-rated housing warranty.
    One year warranty on manufactures defects on major components. Example vacuum motor, water pump.
    90 days parts warranty on wear items including but not limited to carbon brushes, bearings, castors, gauges, switches, hoses, Orings, seals, fuses...
    Labor and shipping warranty parts is not included in the warranty unless you have it serviced at the factory in Milan MI or @ supply in San Antonio, TX.
    You can purchase a 2 year parts and labor extended warranty for 10% more.
    This will supply you the protection for labor and shipping cost during the 2 year extended warranty period fixed in your town.
    The extended warranty company designates the service center and I do not have access to this information.
    Extended Warranties for Equipment Valued up to 7499.99 Available, SBMW, Extended Warranties, Miscellaneous, Extended warranties cover both parts and labor and add to the duration of the factory warranty.  Repairs take place in your local city or t...

    Many times a customer thinks that they might void their warranty when they work on the machine themselves. This is not the case. Most repairs only take a few minutes.
    Example it does not make sense to pay someone to change out a vacuum motor when the self repair only takes 20 minutes. Compare this to the travel time to drop off the machine, pick up the machine and the time at the repair center. You would easily waste over an hour of your time on something that only takes 20 minutes to self fix. You are expected to work on this machine. Super easy to service and fix if needed.

    We would not collect sales tax in your state for we do not own any property there.