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Narrow down the 240 volt carpet cleaning machine

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  • Narrow down the 240 volt carpet cleaning machine

    Question: I am looking for a commercial/industrial carpet cleaner. We did a bit of research and found these machines which seams good.
    But I would like your advice about what is more convenient for our work and the price of each one.
    - Airwatt Carpet Extractor 500 PSI
    - King Cobra 500 - 500 PSI heated 230 volt
    - Solus500Ev 500psi heated 230v
    - King cobra 1200 psi heated 230 v
    When decided, the shipping will be to
    Auckland, 1061
    New Zealand.

    Answer: The Powerflite Airwatt extractor is only available in 120 volts. No 240 volt version is available.
    I notice that your selection is a bit all over the place.
    What I mean you have 500 psi and some 1200 psi pump.
    You have manual fill machines and some that are auto fill and auto dump.
    You have heated and non heated machines listed.
    Please note that if you purchase an auto fill machine, you are hooked to the sink so you should also consider machines with more vacuum so you can run the extra hoses you need. An auto fill/ auto dump machines are not designed to follow around the job site. Please note the maximum hose length you can run by visiting

    Please note that the hard surface machines with the 1000+psi pump under the hood add 23 kilos to the weight of the machine. This will require that you team lift or purchase a ramp if you want to load or unload the machine.
    Please note that 500 psi machines will not pressure wash tile floors but can be used to rinse tile floors that have already been presprayed and prescrubbed.
    Please note that none of the machines you selected will heat the water over 500 psi. In other words even if a heater is on board, the heater will be circumvented at higher pressures. This is true with all makes and models of 1000+psi heated all-in-one machines.
    Please read post at
    You might also consider mating different machines together to provide a complete function.
    Example look at the Mytee 7000DX-230v
    and mate with
    Water otter
    These two combined are only $2707 and will provide carpet cleaning at 500psi, tile cleaning at 1200 psi and complete vacuum recovery with lint filtration and auto dumping.
    If you want a heater, just add an external heater.