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Masterblend Truckforce VS Goliath Vacuum system

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  • Masterblend Truckforce VS Goliath Vacuum system

    Question: Hey Donald.... Whats your opinion about these machines? The Goliath gets about 12 lift....
    This machine gets 15 vac lift..... The don't mention the CFM numbers? But I think its lift that sucks the water out of the carpet, not th CFM..... Also it has 3 motors instead of 4?
    Have you tried this machine yet?

    Answer: Everybody who has purchased this machine, loves this machine. This machine has three 2 stage motors in series. As you place a vacuum motor in series the inches of water lift goes up by 70% plus the cfm goes up by 20% of the one in front of it. Here is the theoretical math for this machine. Lets say the single these two stage is 90 inches X 90 cfm. The second will add 63" and 18 cfm, the third will add 44.1" and 3.6 cfm. Here is the math for the inches of lift 90 + 63 + 44.1 = 197.1" of lift (14.5 Hg - round up and call it 15 hg)
    Cfm math is 90 + 18 + 3.6 = 111.6
    Vacuum units 197.1" X 111.6 cfm = 21,996
    Amp draw consumption 7.5 X 3 = 22.5
    Amp draw is always king. Regardless of the parallel vs series configuration. In other words a 22.5 amp vacuum system will always out dry a 20 amp vacuum system. A 25 amp vacuum system will always out dry a 22.5 amp vacuum system. The Goliath's 30 amp 42,500 vacuum system will out dry this machines 22.5 amp 21,996 vacuum unit system by 25%. The Goliath has to consume 25% more electricity to create it's full potential so comparing these machines is really not fair. The nice thing about both of these machines is they both will also operate on two or three vacuum motors if power is in short supply.
    I state the comparison is not fair because what if you take a 40 amp 4 power cord vacuum system and compare it to the Goliath? Naturally a 40 amp system is going to way outperform the Goliath. An example of this would be like
    In selecting equipment for your next state of business development, you had to decide how much power do you want your entire package to consume. How many power cords are you willing to plug in? Are you going to run on the customer electric dryer plug? How portable to you want to be? Are you going to use a ramp or does each component need to stay under a certain weight so you do not have to team lift it out ot the truck?